Dying Light Gameplay


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Oct 16, 2015
I just wanted to share my thoughts on a game i had been playing recently . Dying Light is a great game and is worth checking out.It has plenty of content and story  to keep the action rolling . I really like  how well the graphics are.I started playing it while i had my msi gtx 960 in my rig and  it was very nice,graphics.i had recently upgraded to a gtx 970 and its that much better.The game has campaign with a cool story . You can have friends,up to 4 people , play with you co op through the campaign and progress your way through the story . It is full of parkour to bust some moves and get away from hordes . It also has crafting ,to repair  or build weapons,and damage types and  improve . The zombies look great  and there is a  decent variety of them,not just  1 zombie pasted everywhere . The game has a good realistic feel,and it captures that feeling well . It is an open world with day and night cycles , and takes place in iran after an infection breaks out.I had always liked Dayz H1z1 and the kind so when i saw Dying Light i was hooked.Great game and i recommend people to check it out.You can also be the zombie , where you  are a hunter zombie preying on humans in the night which is also fun gameplay . During day there are all types of zombies that have different attack styles that take different approaches to kill,and during night , there are some crazy ones that come out , and they can chase you down with speed even across the roof tops , gets your adrenaline going if youre in to it . I have alot of other games on my youtube channel that i have posted over time . The ones from this year up to about a month ago were all with an i5 4590 and msi gtx 960 . The rest from here on are with an i7 4790 and Gtx 970 . The i5 and 960 setup worked great for everything  i already played on max graphics , the i7 970 setup just makes it even better . I will be back to share my gaming  exp on Far cry 4 and assassins creed syndicate on my next write ups . Thanks for looking and if you have any questions let me know .