endless reboot when bios is on AHCI, ok when ide passthrough (p67a-gd55 b3 4.3)


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Jun 12, 2020
Hi guys !
I can't figure this out. And I've been reading a lot about endless reboot, and changing from ide to ahci within windows without reinstalling.
But that's not my issue.  

History :

Untill 20 days ago, everything was fine.  But I was running my windows 10 , with ide bios profile, and then ide drivers for my ssd...

Of course I wanted to use the advantage of ahci for this drive.
I did set the bios up on ahci , installed win 10 .  All good.
Then, I wanted to try the oc genie button (without tempering with the settings of it).   It seems it's a second bios. Ins't it ?  I ask this myself, because the setup was back to ide.  So it did crash on windows startup, but after a long session of blanck reboots, I enventually succeded in changing the bios to ahci.    All good , then.

Except when I turn the computer off.  The next start is completly randomly successful !   Which means sometimes there's a reboot loop of 20 minutes, to hours, before finally succeeding to get past the bios and have anything displayed on my screen.

It goes on like this for at least a week now.
And I couldn't even boot for a whole 24h day, yester day...
So I decided to clear the cmos.

Each time I'm doing this, the boot displays just fine , on ide passthrough, and I have to press F1 to enter the bios.   Which I do.  Then make the change back to ahci, and restart.
And there it goes again : endless loops...
I tried to clear the cmos both with oc genie on and off.  In case there were really two bios.

Does anybody have an idea on how to fix this ? Thanks to you reading me, anyway.

my setup is : i5 2500k, 2x 8gb , 1 system SSD, 3 data HDD, rtx 2070.
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