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Mar 26, 2014
Energy eSports was founded in 2012 by individuals with the same goals, aspirations and beliefs in South African eSports. Today, Energy eSports consists of a number of teams who are considered to be champions and leaders in their chosen games. Energy eSports is a professional multi-gaming organization (MGO) that competes at the highest level of competitive gaming in South Africa while maintaining courteous and acceptable behaviour. With the help of SteelSeries, MSI, BenQ and IS Gaming, the players within Energy eSports strive to conduct themselves in a professional manner, showing respect to any and all other gamers while keeping a cool head in the heat of competition.




Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

2nd ? 2014 rAge Telkom Gaming Championships


4th ? 2014 rAge Telkom Gaming Championships


1st ? 2014 rAge Telkom Gaming Championships

Call of Duty Xbox One:

6th ? 2014 rAge Telkom Gaming Championships

Call of DutyPC:

2nd ? 2014 rAge Telkom Gaming Championships


MSI: Hi! First, thanks for taking the time for this interview. Could you brief us on your general gaming history? What motivated you to build Energy eSports?

Energy eSports: Energy eSports was founded in 2013 with the one simple goal - development. We wanted to create a simple platform for the best gamers in South Africa to grow and development within the local, and eventually international community. The help of our partners and sponsors have brought us to where we are today, and we?re extremely proud of every member of our team.

The motivation, as cliche as it sounds, is to win and that is what we?ve crafted by adopting some of the best gamers in the business.

MSI:In recent years, the eSports industry is thriving. Now, it has been listed as the official sport in China, Korea, Italy, Malaysia, the United States and Taiwan and gamers will be a new type of athlete. In the future, it has great chance to be part of the Olympic Games. What you think of this trend?


Energy eSports: The recognition of eSports as an official sport is crucial for the growth of every title involved with it. South Africa has recently recognized eSports as a tier one sport (alongside Cricket and Rugby) which places us among the few countries who have done the same.

What this means for eSports is that from a grass roots level we?re able to help our young players grow and develop as they train in their specific title. The involvement of major organizations and sponsors, much like MSI, aid in every aspect from financial aid and exposure for our gamers and teams. I think it?s fantastic.

MSI:We have noticed that you have two Call of Duty squads on PC and XBOX platforms as we know that are very different in operation. Will these members exchange their skills and strategies on it? Will members swap between these two platforms possibly?

Energy eSports: Console and PC versions of Call of Duty are extremely different. The Console version is a four versus four, while PC is a five versus five. They also play different game modes, with Console including a different array of game modes throughout a tournament. PC focuses primarily on Search and Destroy, while Console includes this, and Domination.

They have discussed maps and some strategies per se, but the difference is a bit too large to sit around and offer insight into each others areas.


MSI:The old saying has it that " Good tools are essential to a job well done. Skill to the soul as tool to the body?. Is there any change to Energy eSport?s performance with MSI GAMING products? Any recommendation or suggestion?

Energy eSports: Touching back on Call of Duty PC, yes the tools do make a difference. Call of Duty is a very performance intensive game, especially since there is a new version available each year, so the assistance from MSI GAMING Products insures our games always have the best possible PC performance wise.

Other than Call of Duty the games we cater for are not performance intensive, bar CS:GO where a good PC does make all the difference, it?s not really necessary. The involvement of MSI GAMING has had a positive effect on the guys and I would say both physically, having the best tools, and mentally, knowing that they?re backed by such a powerhouse and this creates an incentive to improve and win.

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MSI: Psychological characteristics and the ability of pressure-resistant are very important to professional gamers while in the intense gaming competition. How do they overcome it? For those new guys who want to be professional gamers, would you please share your experience or suggestions?

Energy eSports: Energy eSports has an incredibly diverse demographic of gamers. We have boththe young, the old, the experience and the inexperienced. The experience does not correlate with skill, since we only take the best, but when it comes to performing under pressure you?ll often see our more seasoned players assisting the younger guys and coaching them and they perform. This assistance plays a major role in helping players overcome the pressure and mental aspect.

As far as psychological characteristics, it?s safe to say we have an extremely humble team of gamers who share the same goal. That goal is to win, and this is always a rewarding attitude for everyone involved. Overcoming the nervousness and first game jitters is important, but once they?ve got a LAN or two under the belt you see a major change in the team?s dynamic.

MSI: Tell us a little bit about your family or friends. Who matters most to you, and why?

Energy eSports: This is all about support. Without the support of family and friends a lot of this would be impossible. Since competitive gaming is so new in South Africa it takes a bit of understanding from family especially. Having your family 100% behind you motivates you to perform and having the support of your friends does the same too. There?s nothing better than seeing family and friends supporting your organization at live events, making sure their son/daughter is happy and comfortable while playing.

MSI: Actually, many people are very curious about gamers? life. Except playing games, what they do in their leisure time or do they have certain hobbies or personal interests to strike a work-life balance?

Energy eSports: A lot of our players are students, this means besides games they?re active with their studies and the usual antics which come with being a student. A lot of them insist on maintaining a level of fitness as well, since gaming can be a spiral into an unhealthy abyss if you do not balance their lives.

Touching on family and friends as well, quite a few of our gamers are in relationships, so this support and understanding from their significant others also acts as incentive to perform and a vice to step aside from gaming and have an active life outside it. We have an extremely social team where everyone gets along very well, which makes our victory parties a lot of fun.

MSI: Thanks for your time! Any final words?

Energy eSports: We would just like to take this opportunity to thank our fans and those who support us, both locally and internationally. Without their continued support this would all be for nothing. We also like to thank our sponsors, namely MSI GAMING for their continued support, which again without none of this would be possible.

We?re looking forward to the 2016 competitive year and hope to make all of you proud to call yourselves an Energy eSports fan!

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