Enter key doesn?t work in MSI GS65


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Dec 8, 2019
I purchased a MSI GS65 Stealth few months ago, but after a while the Enter Key doesn?t work often. Finally, it didn?t work a all.

I found the following thread that is currently archived, so I made the decision to open a new topic un MSI support forum: https://www.reddit.com/r/MSILaptops/comments/9tlaul/msi_gs65_stealth_thin_enter_key_and_fn_key_not/

First of all, I would like to thank you @johngranadosmd by his contribution. It really fix the issue.

Second, please note, you can have similar issues with other keys such as Fuction and more. all of them could have the same problem.

So as it turns out, the GS65 key issue is pretty easily fixable. This "fix" actually should be applied EVEN IF YOU HAVE A WORKING KEYBOARD right now if you want to prevent the issue from happening along the line.
All of these issues are actually caused by a design flaw in the GS65 keyboard rivet placement. There is a sharp plastic rivet directly under the ribbon cable where the trackpad is, tucked away under the battery. If you have the issue with the three keys intermittently or completely not working, you will notice an indent in the ribbon cable right where the rivet presses against it. You can take a gentle fingernail and smooth the bump back out, which will fix the problem for 90% of users unless it is actually punctured. To prevent this from happening again, take a small piece of thick tape, like electrical or duct tape and place it over the offending rivet. This will protect your fragile ribbon cables from being cut into again.
I have experience as a laptop technician for 3 years and I took it upon myself to find this design issue.
Link to an image of the rivet location. The cable appearance is black and grey striped. https://imgur.com/a/wdpBJvt
Edit: When you first put it back together, it won?t power on unless the charger is connected so don?t freak out if the power button does nothing.
I would like to add some instructions and pictures to make it easier to understand.
1. First, consider if you MSI is under waranty to open a support request and lets professionals to do that.
2. If that is not your case, don?t worry it is  so simple to fix it. To proceed, remove all (15) screws of back face. Pay attention there is one hidden beside the warranty sticker with label "FACTORY SEAL".
3. Remove the back side carefully. It should be easy, otherwise DON?T force it becuase you can bend it easily.
4. Then localize the white flat bus of keyboard, close to the battery at right side (attachment #1)
5. Remove the 3 remaining iron-color screws of the battery in order to see the portion of th ebus beside it.
6. Identify an small bend in the flat buss, made by the plastic rivet (attachment #2)
7. Take a gentle fingernail and smooth the bump back out, which will fix the problem for 90% of users unless it is actually punctured (attachment #3)
8. Add a soft strip beside the bus to avoid future issues (attachment #4)
9. Put the Battery on place again by screwing the three internal fastening screws.
10. Put the back-side but don?t screw it yet. Turn the computer on (pay attention, maybe you have to plug the power supply) and test it.
11. If it doesn?t work, return to the step #7 and ensure the bus looks flat enough. Otherwise, consider replacing the bus (I don?t know where and how to find this spare part, but maybe MSI support can provide you one).
12. If everything runs as expected. Close the back-side by screwing it back with 15 black small screws.
I hope it will help ou to fix it.