Experience with MSI

Aug 19, 2020

Today's gaming laptop manufacturers provide many high-spec options to pamper the customers. In that case, sometimes the customer also the manufacturer fail to consider the impact on the goods themselves and the impact on the quality of the goods.
There are so many frequent complain around the other Manufacture company about the issues that really critical that affecting the Notebook Performance and it Utilities. In this topic, it's all about the heating issue (Cooling system and material selection).

The high spec Notebook nowadays usually brings an high-end technology with high power, but of course an high power system usually has a draw back in the energy losses that cause heat. The heat normally be cooled down by apllying the law of heat transfer energy to prevent overheating in the inside of the system. Other manufacturer somehow only give a low - slightly higher than minimum cooling system that actually could damage the component inside the system.

The Case is Different in MSI's Product

I have used MSI's notebook GP62 for 3 years and naver find a trouble in the hardware. The performance is still stable and ready for any kind of work (CAD, CAE, CAM, Animation, Simulation, Game) without any troubles. And sometimes in my freetime, I used that laptop for playing game. It amazingly still works find to play the newest game of 2020 in stable FPS (performance) and of course the draw back is playing in the medium-low graphic. But it is still worth due using the old product.

Because of that great experience, I bought the newest GF65. In this review with the high spec including i7-10th Processor and the high end gtx 1060 -ti 6gb, It gives a "very good" performance since the 1st launch. Amazingly, GF65 built in durable light weight material that very fit for person that love to travel or working as field employee or engineer. GF 65 also provides sillent mode that fit perfectly in meeting room. Sillent mode of this product also not giving a trouble regarding this Notebook was built in good cooling system (with 2 fans and 6 cooling pipes). For gaming performance, I love to play Monster Hunter World, those game requires a well made GPU and Processor. GF65 works perfect that keep the PC works well and good in heat maintenance.

But this Notebook also have some bad thing alongside all those good. The LCD hoising is somehow to weak and easly to flex with a low torque. This actually really overcome a dangerous feeling when oppening the notebook. Luckly, the monitor was built in good elastic or ducktail material to compensate the bending, but it will good if the MSI's monitor were build with more rigid or hard material. Talking about the gaming mode, GF65 gives so loud sound by the fans. The full speakers set up also not anough to fight the fans sound after the cooling boost system activated.

In conlusion, MSI GF65 is a good notebook for anybody that want an high spec gaming laptop by considering the toughness and the uses. MSI's Notebook might not give the high end as the other competitor, but MSI could really make you amazed by it's product quality.