Ez Debug LED Feedback (ways it can be improved)

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Jul 28, 2019
Seeing what led is lit can be difficult as the LEDs are all in the same place and they are the same color, using different colors would be very helpful
I understand why it is done this way, but there is a flaw in this logic
The reason only 1 led color is used is you would need multiple reals of components to put on the boards which increases manufacturing cost, but here is the flaw in this argument, almost every motherboard already has RGB LEDs, these LEDs can be used for the debug feature, as a single led is able to have 7 color states when wired to static color
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by using the RGB leds in the debug feature we no longer even need to use the red LEDs
This can be taken farther to reduce component cost by using less LEDs
in the case of my board it has 4 debug LEDs (CPU/RAM/GPU/Boot)
If a mere 2 LEDs were used (you could use just one but, that would require putting some effort into circuit design)
you could wire each color of a RGB led to a single error to CPU=R, RAM=G, GPU=B, then a second led can be used for white (R,G,& B) to indicate boot
not sure there is a real reason to even have a LED for boot as the BIOS can tell you no boot media found on screen
Component cost could be reduced even further by using the boards existing RGB LEDs as a debug feature, at this point you could go all out with even even more debug details via the EZ Debug RGB feature, but at that point it is basically a visual beep speaker and the feature would become a RGB POST Code that would require a table/chart like you need to use with a 7 segment post code
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