Facing Reboot Issues in My MSI Core Laptop


New member
Apr 16, 2020

I am using the MSI Core 9th Generation i7 processor which really works fine and one of the best laptops in terms of gaming. From the previous week, there is an issue which I faced and I have very little knowledge about these products.

My system is not working properly because it takes certain extra minutes to properly reboot, shut down and power on the whole system. 

As I already said that I have very little knowledge regarding these products so I did not how much time they take to really reboot the system and the other two processes which I mentioned above.

I am working as an employee in Tilers Perth company so I have very few hours to access my laptop and I want that their will be no extra time consuming on my laptop.

I hope you understand my problem and give me the best solution so that I will able to manage my work properly and also get enough time to spend on my laptop without the wait for long hours.

Thanks for allowing me to ask my query on this platform and I hope that you will reply to me as soon as possible.
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