Far Cry Primal on PE62 7RD


New member
Feb 7, 2018
How is the game: It is a amazing game from Ubisoft with very good graphics and visual effects. I don't like the other games of the Far Cry series, but Far Cry Primal is one of my most favorite games. Story is average. The game takes you to 10000 BC, in stone age, to the mammoths, sabretooth tigers and other beasts. The map is huge. You have to buy skills, craft items, team beasts, survive the encounters with all dangers in your way and upgrade your village. Night becomes more terrifying, as predators would come out in droves. There are two main stories in this game. You may have hard time in open combats.

Settings I play with: I play with everything on ultra and get ~55 fps.

Specifications of my PE62 7RD:
CPU: Intel Core i7 7700HQ, base clock frequency- 2.80 GHz, boost clock frequency- 3.80 GHz
RAM: 16 GB, DDR4 @2400 MHz
GPU: GTX 1050, 4 GB, GDDR5
Display: FHD @60 Hz