Find your laptop through tile

Aug 11, 2020
The latest Summit series and Prestige 14 Evo support Tile feature, which means you can find them via your smartphone even when the laptop is off.

MSI has also released a Tile tutorial video and dedicate website for those new Summit and Prestige 14 Evo owners


What is Tile?
MSI Tile is finding solution that uses Bluetooth technology to allow users to easily keep track of their MSI laptops.
MSI Tile is pre-installed on selected models. Once activated in the Tile Windows app, you can use all your favorite Tile features on the Tile Mobile app to track your laptop, such as: Ringing your laptop, Viewing the last known location and enlisting the secure help of the Tile Network can aid in your search.

How Tile works?
For Tile to work, you need to first install the Tile app on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). When you add a Tile, the app "discovers" the Bluetooth-enabled Tile devices and establishes a connection. Your Tile then uses the location services of your mobile device to communicate location information to the app.

Enabling Tile
By default, the Tile function is set to off.
Turn on Tile function under setting page in MSI Center then restart.

MSI Center

Launch Tile app on your laptop, register (if you don’t have an account) and login.

MSI Center

Click “Active Tile on PC” and now your laptop has become a Tile-enabled device!

MSI Center

Find your laptop using Tile
Download Tile from App Store or Google Play and login.
Next, you will see your laptop in the menu.

MSI Center

After you choose the device and click “Find”, your laptop will start ringing.
Kindly remind: The Tile function is based on Bluetooth technology, so both laptop and phone Bluetooth must be turned on.

When laptop is not in range
When your laptop is not within the range of Bluetooth signal, you can see the last known location of your laptop in the Tile app.

Also, if you misplace your laptop, you can enlist the secure and anonymous help of the Tile Network.

Simply tap “Notify When Found” in the mobile app and you will be notified when your laptop's location is anonymously updated by any Tile app user or Tile Network Extender.

MSI Center

MSI Official Website
To know more about Tile-enabled MSI laptop, please visit the official MSI website MSI Tile official website:

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Jul 5, 2016
Wow....It's a useful funstion.
What a pity that can't work on my 10gen Prestige 15 QQ~