First Graphics Card; MSI Gaming X GTX 1060 6G

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Nov 7, 2016
So ive been meaning to build a new pc, and this was the first part that i got! Very glad i went with MSI, its got killer look, and i personally havent tested it yet, but ive seen plenty reveiws to conclude that its an awesome gpu. Im still in the process of getting parts, but man, im lovin this card just by looking at it. This card overall came with a good amount of packaging with the foam and such, as well as the stickers, im glad they added stickers.

I dont have much else to say about this, i know theres rgb with is fantastic and which ill love. in fact, the build that im planning on doing right now was inspired by th msi color scheme, red and black, too good.

If i had a choice of rebuying the gpu, i wouldve gone for a 1070, but it was out of my budget limit which sucked.

For those who are planning to get a new gpu for light gaming and homework (im a student) i tihnk this is more than enough to handle that magnitude of work, my bet is on the 1060 as i think it is a great price:performance ratio

like i said before though, i wouldve gone for 1070 so i could have sli in the future but cant, maybe in a future build.
Overall it a 10/10 would buy again :)

I am aware that 2/5 photos were upside down, my apologies, but you still get the overall display which is nice.

If anyone had benchmarks or anything, that would be great!

As for the box:

Sorry if the images arent in order

The front of the box is pretty basic, gives an enlarged image of the product inside the box, has brand name, card name and special features such as the twin frozr

Back of the box, more detailed, outlining the pros of the card such as the twin frozr technology, its gaming app, as well as it says its a great color match for other msi motherboards, specifically the gaming edition motherboards

As we get into the box, were first greeted with paper work package (images were not included) inside the paper work, drivers, sickers and manual for installation were included. 

After, a "Thank You" card was presented, showed how thoughful MSI was in my opinion

Finally, to the good stuff, the card itself, the card is inside an anti static back to protect it, once we open that bag, were greeted with the card

The card follows MSI's main theme of red and black, the small lightning bolts on each side of the card are led, furthermore, the MSI logo on the side (photo was not included) are RGB led, the gtx 1060 is unable to be in a sli configuration. 

overall it was a great experience unboxing this package!

Im not a tech genius by any means but ive been slowly getting into the tech community, if there are anything i can improve on, thatd be great!


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