First look GTX 1080 Ti Lingtning & Lightning Z

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Aug 1, 2017
Some photo and video clip MSI GTX 1080 Ti Lightning and Lightning Z

Custom spec:
Motherboard msi x99a gaming 9
Cpu intel core i7- 6950x
Heatsink msi core froz xl
Vga MSI gtx1080ti lightning
Ssd Western Black nvme 512gb
Memory G-skill 16gb x 4 kit RGB
Case Cooler Master Mastercase pro 5
Psu Cooler Masterv850
Vga holder kit Cooler Master
Custom case

Enjoy this link with lighting dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"MSI offers a terrific card with the new Lightning Z, and we sure missed the Lightning series ! It is properly built and oozes quality. Granted, it's a big dude alright. Tweaking performance is good, yet remains limited to whatever Nvidia dictates - and that is the reality and micro-managed margin we look at these days. The size and weight you do need to factor in though, some dislike three slot designs and that weight, well you need to secure the card properly as that's a lot of pressure on any PCI Express slot. Your stress gaming temperature will sit at a nice low  ~65 Degrees C threshold, which is excellent considering what GPU lies under the hood! In my previous 1080 Ti review I have not recommended cards like these for 1080p gaming. I am revising that claim a bit as there are people that want 144 FPS on their 144 Hz monitor of course. Next to that, 1080p rendering with DSR enabled also can have its benefits, and this card would be perfect for that. Broadly speaking though, at 2560x1440 the card really kicks in and at this resolution the 1080 Ti actually makes a lot of sense as it has heaps of power and memory hence it is going to last you a long time. Really, the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is that Wolf Titan X in disguise. Nvidia had to do something to it and decided to ditch 1 GB of memory, bringing that VRAM number to a weird 11 GB. This means slightly fewer ROPs and a rather unusual 352-bit memory bus as well. But then they do use faster DDR5X memory and slightly faster than Titan X clock frequencies. So the performance drop is immediately annihilated and in fact the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is as fast or sometimes even faster compared to the Titan X (Pascal). You've seen the numbers, for Ultra HD gamers and even 2560x1440 gamers this product works out well, really well. Overall we are impressed by the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, very much so. In closing, we feel the MSI Lightning Z edition GTX 1080 Ti is a truly lovely enthusiast class product. But so is the Gaming X version and realistically performance wise you are not going to see much of a difference. The card is very silent (aside from the fan spinning up) and also remains cool. You have seen the thermal images, these show good proper results as the card throughout all locations remains at relatively proper temps. If you can pick it up for the right price then we can wholeheartedly recommend it. The heart of this beast is a GP102 GPU and it is one of the fastest graphics cards your money can get you as hey, this dawg is up-to 40% faster than the GTX 1080 and can be up-to twice as fast as one GTX 1070. It is good the see the lightning back in action. We like it very much, as long as that final MSRP remains reasonable. "



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Aug 30, 2015
Looks cool and I bet it will run everything amazingly for years to come. I want one so bad but my GTX780 still runs perfectly so I can't justify the purchase. Gotta save the money for a better monitor instead.


Jan 15, 2011
Thanks for posting this, the photo's are beautiful :)
Perhaps there is another photo while the card runs in your rig?
The box is abit smaller then previous Lightning generation (980Ti Lightning or 780/780Ti Lightning).
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