*FIXED* 2080/2070 Gaming (Trio) LED issue with HWinfo

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Jan 25, 2007
Recently users reported issues with LEDs turning off on RTX 2080/2070 GAMING cards despite those were enabled in Mystic Light. User golur reported that this issue is caused by an issue with the HWInfo software:

golur date=1547852445 said:
@flobelix please read this,I found a few weeks ago a bug with HWInfo soft that disables the Leds of my 2080 Gaming X Trio, you can try it if you wish but it happens 100%.
I'm not saying that this is the solution in this thread but it can happen to more people.
In the settings section of HWInfo, section SMBus / I2C  the I2C GPU via NVAPI box is enabled by default which causes the LEDs to turn off each time this app is opened.
Solution disable this box and no more problems,like this:
I went crazy with this because I was looking  my PC and I didnt know what the hell was happening with my Leds turned off until I realized that this happened every time I opened this app to see the monitoring of my system.
Maybe hwinfo comes into conflict with Mystic Light.
I hope this can help in the future for people with similar issues, sometimes it's not the VGA and it's some app.
The HWInfo team meanwhile worked on a solution. From version HWiNFO v6.01, Build 3640 the issue is now fixed. Using HWInfo will now not disable the LEDs anymore.

https://www.hwinfo.com/version-history/ said:


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