[Fixed] Resolving issues with MSI Center

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Abel Lopez

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Dec 23, 2016
Here’s something to share with people who have issues with the buggy MSI Center, as I did before I got the perfect solution from MSI support which basically resolved all my problems with the software.

MSI Center has caused numerous issues for me ever since I bought my laptop, and even after reinstalling the software, new problems were always popping up whenever it got updated, which is truly frustrating. MSI Center was either stuck at the initializing window, constantly saying to restart after countless reboots, or failing feature updates, just to name a few. Sure, I thought of removing it entirely and not using it, but there are several features I need to use daily, so that was not really an option for me.

With them being a pain in the neck, I contacted MSI by submitting a web ticket explaining my situation. The support agents were quick to respond and provided me with a tool, the Clean Master, and instructed me to perform a “clean installation” with it, which I later was told was “to remove it clean from the system and install it again”.

Following the steps in the article they provided me, I removed MSI Center with Clean Master and installed MSI Center from Microsoft Store after the system restarted automatically. Of course, I first had doubts that this would really help resolve my problems, as I’ve already tried this countless times.

But as it turns out, my doubts were in vain. This tool was not something I had used before, and the issues just wouldn’t go away, regardless of trying the different methods that worked for other users. With this, my problems went out like “poof!” and never reappeared, as if they never happened in the first place.

So it looks like Clean Master actually did something to solve the problems, which was a big relief. I thought I would have to trash the laptop altogether if MSI Center kept acting up, and it was such a headache to deal with. Nonetheless, I would say I am lucky now that my MSI Center is problem-free, and hopefully, MSI will keep it this way.

Sidenote: I’ll leave the information down below in case anyone finds them useful.

Quick link to support ticket submit page - Web ticket

New uninstaller for MSI Center - Clean Master (Clean install MSI Center Article)
For some reason this does not work for me, even creating a new user account. I can't reinstall Windows because I have so many programs and settings installed, it would take me almost 1 week to get everything ready again.

I need to solve that problem because the battery settings stayed at 60%, besides that I need to enable Dynamic Boost which I can't find how to enable it without MSI Center.
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