Flash Wolves? Howl Resound the Gaming World


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Jun 27, 2017
Significant Success

1. This is the very first LMS International Championship. What does Flash Wolves think when defeating G2 in the Finale of IEM? Could Flash Wolves share the experience?

?IEM provided quite delicious food (laugh). This is my second time to Katowice; the biggest difference for me is the character changed from player to coach. After several International competitions, Flash Wolves has increased overseas awareness little by little. Even though Flash Wolves played in Europe or in USA, we still meet many fans over the world during our journey. It is quite a fresh experience for Flash Wolves.,? said Coach Steak.


2. Flash Wolves gained an awesome result from the game against team AHQ on 3/10 LMS Spring 2017. What is the winning key for Flash Wolves?

?Actually, the goal of the season for Flash Wolves was to decrease each player?s mistakes, since Flash Wolves started series training before IEM competition. Overall, in the game against AHQ, Flash Wolves had less mistakes than AHQ, which may be the winning key. During the training period, Flash Wolves also focused on adjusting each player?s operation skill and the detail of team tactics, thus the whole team confidence enhanced much,? said Coach Winds.


3. Could Flash Wolves share their feedbacks of using MSI Gaming products? What are the features of MSI Gaming series?

?Flash Wolves brings MSI Gaming Notebook PCs every time when we participate overseas competitions. We used it for reviewing and collecting information in the hotel after we finished every games. MSI Gaming Notebook PCs are huge but light, portable and durable. Even when we switch our location so often and quick, we do not need to pay much attention to protect it, it remains strong and powerful as usual. We are satisfied with MSI Gaming series products very much. MSI Gaming series products feature the most outstanding performance, awesome cooling system, gamers? favorite SteelSeries keyboard, KillerTM Networking as well as the breathtaking design with cutting edge style and cool colorful light changes,? said Coach Steak.


Fans all over the world

4. After 2017 World Championship, Flash Wolves not only earn more Taiwan fans but also fans around the world. Which country?s fans impress you most? Any special gifts for you?

Mostly our fans love to send us food. They are considerate for they even prepared Taiwan instant noodles and cookie for us when we were in World Competition. We usually received handmade cards; our fans are excellent talents in art. Upon all the gifts, the most special one must be MMD?s gift. Because MMD loves Pikachu, so he received many gifts of Pikachu especially a lot of Pikachu dolls on his birthday this year.


5. The Flash Wolves new superstar Betty won IEM World Champion and the MVP of LMS in nearly 20 years old definitely became the idol for many young generation gamers. Could Betty give some words and some encouragement for the followers?

?Honestly I am still a beginner, so is too early for me to give any advice. However, to be an eSports player, I think, except talent, you must work very hard to maintain the best situation. In a competition, team?s victory is the only goal, do not blame team members and do not give up any game,? said Betty.


6. Whose merchandise are the best seller? Would Flash Wolves players like to develop theirindividualized offers?

Flash Wolves has variety of individualized offers and most of the players prefer useful daily necessities such as towels, clothes and so on. They love that, but they would feel embarrassed to use those with their portraits on it.

Flash Wolves Brotherhood


7. The Angel Question: Flash Wolves members must have close relationship with each other. If you could choose one person to confess your appreciates who is the one?

?I think everyone is thoughtful. They didn?t blame on me while I was in my depression,? said MMD.
?I appreciate Winds the most because he drives me to buy figures,? said Karsa.
?I don?t have any particular person to thank, so I would like to thank to the coaches, agent, team manager and Crystal. They support me all the way till now,? said Maple.
?Thanks to everyone in Flash Wolves family!? said Betty.


8. The Devil Question: In Flash Wolves who has bad habit or quirks?

?Maple loves to hug and pinch others bally, but whatever as long as he is happy,? said MMD.
?Betty would talk in his sleep, I was frightened when I shared the room with him during IEM,? said Karsa.
?Karsa gets more and more dolls on our table! Hey! You cross the line (points the table),? said Maple.
?I think everything is just fine, most of us are even (booed by others),? said Betty.


9. Say something innermost to your coach.

?Coach Steak taught me much. Though he is strict but he never gives up anyone; that is why I am playing better and better,? said MMD.
?Umm?I think the team plays very well, thanks to the coach and logistics; We may have diverse opinions while training, but we would never fight. Every one of Flash Wolves has the same goal. Win,? said Karsa.




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Jun 27, 2017
AWESOME Flash Wolves!!!! Not only the best of the LMS but the excellent team in the world. FW!:agrees: FW!!:agrees::agrees: FW!!!:agrees::agrees::agrees: