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Mar 30, 2015
Fnatic, the world?s top eSport team and the solid ally of MSI, has won countless victory through worldwide eSport trials, and is held in great reverence and allegiance of the rivals and fans.  
Now, time for Fnatic to put aside the fruitful year of 2015, and meet the new challenges in 2016. Looking forward to knowing what?s new and shock Fnatic would give us this year? Let?s go and find it out!!!

Please introduce the eye-catching Fnatic League of Legends 2016, includes the Players, Team Manager, Analyst, and the Head Coach. Also, please share something interesting while uniting this super team.

After the majority of the team left in the off season of 2015, we originally looked to build a fully European team around our two remaining players; Rekkles and Febiven. As time progressed however, we were given the opportunity to pick up two highly gifted players in Spirit and Gamsu. If things had gone a little differently we could have had a full European line up this year!

TOP: Noh ?Gamsu? Yeong Jin
JUNGLE: Lee ?Spirit? Da-yoon
MID: Fabian ?Febiven? Diepstraten
AD CARRY: Martin ?Rekkles? Larsson
SUPPORT: Johan ?Klaj? Olsson
Coaching and management team
ANALYST: Fabien "GuySake" Ungerer
HEAD COACH: Luis ?Deilor? Sevilla
TEAM MANAGER: Finlay ?Quaye? Stewart

(Left to right) Fnatic League of Legends 2016: Rekkles; Gamsu; Febiven; Spirit.

(Left to right) Fnatic League of Legends 2016 Coaching and management team: GuySake; Deilor; Quaye.

Through the union of Fnatic League of Legends 2016, we surely smell the determination and ambition, what does that mean to Fnatic? What is the goal of Fnatic League of Legends 2016 this year?

The short and long terms goals of the team are completely aligned. The overall goal for this team is to have the best performance possible at the 2016 World Championship. So in the short term, we are trying to grow into a team capable of achieving this. Therefore, results in the Split are not the be-all and end-all to us. These are merely games that we can learn from, feel out our strengths and test different strategies.


Congratulate Fnatic CS:GO on winning three champion titles at ESL One, DreamHack, and Gfinity in 2015. What made Fnatic stand out from competitors during the stressful tournaments? In the fierce tournaments of CS:GO, which rival does Fnatic find the most formidable? Which match impressed Fnatic most unforgettably?

We were quite surprised ourselves to get the great start we did after the addition of our new player, Dennis. We were aiming for long term results rather than to explode directly as we knew we had to rework the team and our game plan a lot with a new in-game leader. But everything clicked really good for us, in combination with a pinch of luck it made us claim all those three titles at the end of 2015. The most memorable victories must be the ones where we play Luminosity, both at the Faceit finals as well as the StarSeries finals. The games against the brazilians is always very emotional and close.

Winning the champion title at ESL One in 2015

While harvesting the rich achievements of 2015, Fnatic announced the new deployment of the CS:GO team by greeting Dennis, and saying goodbye to Pronax and Markus.  From both long-term and short-term perspectives, what Fnatic is aimed at to deploy the team, and what is the goal of Fnatic CS:GO this year?

When we changed Pronax for Dennis we knew we would have a lot of work ahead of us. Flusha, who has never led a team before, was going to take on the in-game leader role and he has a very different view of how to play the game than the view Pronax had. We really did not have any short term goals at that point, just give our all to improve and to form a game plan suitable for us in the long run. Our goal is always to improve and always to get better, but to beat 2015 in terms of titles will be tough. Tough, but not impossible.

Great battles at ESL One in 2015

MSI, a world leader in high-end gaming hardware, and the most popular brand among eSport industry, has a full range of gaming products.  Speaking to MSI?s Gaming notebooks, which is your favorite and would like to recommend to gamers?

We would recommend GT72 6QD DOMINATOR G tobii. Franking speaking, this notebook is a monster which runs high end games with very smooth and high performances, and is definitely a reliable notebook for demanding players.


As we know, Fnatic has gone through the team reorganization recently. Some joined, and some left, such as Rekkles, Dennis, Gamsu, Spirit, Kim, Pronax, Markus, Steelback. What effect this would bring to Fnatic? How does Fnatic manage to lead the teams and players snatching higher achievement while undergoing the team reconstruction and the extreme competitive stress during the tournaments?

Fnatic?s primary focus on all gaming related matters is simple: performance comes first. We have always worked with this philosophy in mind and the players know what to expect when joining the organization. We work hard towards developing a winning attitude with all of our players, which allows the players focus on the end goal and not let roster changes or competitive stress hinder their performance.

Please share the experience of the long-term partnership with MSI, and what effects and assists that MSI has given to Fnatic? What is the vision Fnatic is expecting for the future cooperation between Fnatic and MSI?

We are very proud about the long-term partnership with MSI as it?s one of the most long term team - partner collaboration in the history of eSports. Since 2008 we have been working side by side and it?s been very rewarding to work closely with their product team to assist them in the development of the best and most affordable gaming products in the market.


Established in 2004, Fnatic is now one of the world's top eSport team with 11-year precious history. What changes the eSport industry has at the early stage and nowadays? What does Fnatic expect to the future eSport industry?

Fnatic started before eSports truly existed. Back in those days, there was a lack of structure and stability in the industry however we always knew it would grow into a global phenomenon. Fast forward to 2016, we are seeing huge growth in the industry coupled with stabilization from every aspect of eSports including game publishers, teams and tournament organizers. The future of eSports will surely become a main stream worldwide as we believe the new generations will keep joining without turning back and the older generations will grow faster and stronger without a doubt.


We know that Fnatic values the relationship built with fans, please tell us something interesting about how does Fnatic get along with fans?

Fnatic is incredibly proud of being one of the most supported teams in the world. We consistently try to get closer to our fans from sharing their artwork, offering one-off collector items and now with Fnatic Gear, they will be able to play with the same peripherals as our players.


World-renowned brand of gaming hardware, MSI is coming from Taiwan. What Taiwan impresses Fnatic? Where would Fnatic like to visit in Taiwan if you had a chance to come?

Both our management team and players have visited Taiwan numerous times and it?s always been a very pleasant experience with great people, a rich culture and probably some of the best food in the world. We are looking forward to visiting the MSI HQ soon this year and we do hope that we will see more eSport events in Taiwan.


Before waved farewell to Fnatic?s fans and friends, is there anything else to say?

We are looking forward to working with MSI as our vision and values complete each other: to be at the top of eSports!


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Jun 30, 2016

Star clutch player Freddy 'KRIMZ' Johansson to discuss the victory against EnVyUs in the quarter-final, the upcoming match against Na'Vi, the team's opinion of ELEAGUE's format, the team's preperation, and more!




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Apr 18, 2016
Quite a contest. Hope everything for all of them went well.