force gc20 little review


New member
Oct 12, 2019
Hi, here's my review for my force gc20:
The controller is very nice to have in hands, the fact that it can have different pads is a very nice addition, but there are a few problems:
the first is the way you're supposed to play on a phone (even though you won't do it). The cable isn't a usb-c type so you'll need an adaptater..
Then, we have the biggest problem; I wanted to play on my nintendo switch with the controller, but it won't work. It detects it, turns on, but I won't be able to use it....
after all, i'd say that using it only on a computer is perfect, but if you want to use it on other platforms, it won't always work (I didn't try it on a playstation so I don't know about it)