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Jan 25, 2007
The Signature

A signature is a pre defined message displayed on the bottom of any of one's post. It can be used just for fun to include hyperlinks, images, statements or whatever.
It's main use is to show everyone your hardware details. Knowing your hardware you can be helped a lot easier or you can just show off your stuff. Needing help you will be asked for what components you have anyway (>>Posting Guide<<) so a signature makes everything a bit easier because you won't have to add your details manually everytime you start a new topic.

Lets start to add a signature:

First click on Profile


Then navigate to Modify Profile/Forum Profile


Now you can add your personal text and everything you want the box next to Signature (note: Images mustn't be greater than 400x200 pixels)


Now just click on Change profile and you're good to go - signature added.

Adding an Avatar

Being in Profile/Forum Profile already you can also add an avatar to your profile. An avatar is a small image displayed below your name.
(Note: An avatar mustn't be bigger than 100x100 pixels and of .gif or .jpg format)

On top of the Forum Profile menu you can choose to add an avatar under Personalized Picture


No avatar explaines itself. Choose an avatar lets you choose from a number of various images (note: the Red Rockets avatar is for MSIHQ Red Rockets Team Members only)

Specify avatar by URL means you can place a link to an image. With Upload an avatar you can upload it from your pc to the forum by browsing on your pc and selecting yor image.

After selecting your avatar click on Change profile and you're good to go again - avatar added.

Adding an hyperlink to a post

Sometimes you might want to add a hyperlink in your post without having the whole adress displayed, this is how to:

When writing your post there's a menu with various buttons above where you enter your text. The button with the globe on it


will add a BBCode tag (you can type it instead of using the button too)

Simply add the word that will represent the link between the

and in the first one enter your hyperlink after a =

The forum software will then convert everyting to a link:

will appear like


Add an Image to your post

Just like adding hyperlinks with BBCode tags it also works with images using]

Just add the image link between the code tags:

will appear like

You add images from the Internet with such an IMG code. Then you have to upload your image to an image hoster.

It is also possible to simply attach the image to your post (single image or all attached images combined mustn'd exceed 2000KB):

Via "Insert as thumb 1 (*number of the attachment) in the message you can show it in the post. Remember to enable "Hide attachments" so image will not also be shown as attachment.


Combining link and image

Like just having a word converted in a clickable link you can do the same with an image by combining the BBCode tags from above:

will appear like:

Adding a youtube video

You can also add a youtube video to your post (yes, we even have a BBCode tag for that)

It works just like adding an image or link just with the youtube tags. Simply add the youtube link and you got it.

will appear like


Due to some enhancements it now works even without a BBCode tag. Simply post the link (WITHOUT hyperlink tags):

will appear like


Contacting other Users

If you want to contact other users for direct questions or making friends you can use a Personal Message or E-Mail (if the other user allows that).

Note: This is a forum to post and ask for help or offer help, don't use it for contacting people directly with your issues. That would be considered very inpolite. To prevent spamming contacting other persons is only allowed to members with more than 10 posts.

To contact someone look at his details to the left of his post. Below his name and avatar there are some buttons. Clicking on the button for personal message or E-Mail you can send this user a PM or Mail:


Editing your post

Sometimes you will realize you forgot something or made a mistake after posting.
No problem, for 180 minutes after posting you can modify your post clicking Modify


After 180 minutes your post is contributed as is and can't be changed.]

For more info on the forum software checkout the SMF User Help


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