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Jul 1, 2005
Forum Rules (Version: 20150106)

Welcome to the MSI Global English Forum.
This forum is a support community for users of MSI products, managed and maintained by users on behalf of MSI. Anyone can ask for help or offer help to others.

Speech is free but this forum is moderated. If you see any misconduct please report the post to the moderators by clicking the ?Report to moderator? button below the post. The moderators will decide what action will be taken.
There is a small number of MSI support staff who do post here, but you are not in direct contact with MSI Support here. If you need to communicate directly with MSI, you should look here: >>How to contact MSI.<<
The Forum Rules also include adherence to the MSI Global English Forum "Terms of Use" found here: >>Terms of Use.<<
These Forum Rules are general guidelines for acceptable behavior and may change without notice.

- Please be polite and respectful to others when posting.

- Search the forum. Someone else may have already asked or answered your question.

- Read the ?Stickies?. Sticky topics are shown at the top of each forum section and contain very useful information and may answer your question already.

- Provide details when posting. The more details you provide the higher the chance that someone can help. If you are not sure which details to provide, please read the >>Posting Guide<<.

- Please write a descriptive subject when posting a new topic.

- Keep criticism constructive. Attack the idea not the person.

- Check out the >>Forum Features Guide<<. The guide explains how you can add an Avatar to your account and add a signature and styling to your posts.

- Provide feedback when your issue is resolved. If you have posted a question and you have managed to resolve the issue, please share the information, so it can help others.

-Post in ALL CAPS or use excessive punctuation.

- Hijack other peoples? topics or resurrect old topics. A topic is considered old when its last update is 14 days old.
Stick to the original topic or start your own.

- Attack, abuse or otherwise 'bash' MSI or its products. We are only interested in providing help to users having problems with their hardware and seeking assistance.

- Bump posts. (Bumps will be deleted without further notice)

- Start multiple threads for the same issue

- Contact moderators or MSI employees directly by PM or email for help with problems.

- Ask for help on ?OEM products?. MSI OEM products are products produced or partially produced by MSI but sold under a different brand name. Please contact the brand that sold them for support.

- Ask for help on shady or illegal activities such as password hacking, software piracy.

-Anyone found to be posting confidential documentation or information, and not applying to the rule after a warning, may be permanently banned.

- Post in short message/chat style. This is a global forum and not all users are natively speaking English and will only be able to translate posts of normal words & grammar

- Use languages other than English in your posts. You are free to communicate with others in your native language via PM if necessary.

Other things you should know?

Overclocking, and modded/BETA BIOSes.
Overclocking advice, and modded/beta BIOSes, are provided here in this forum at your own risk. This forum, and MSI, cannot be held responsible for anything that may go wrong if you use your hardware outside of its specification, or use a modded/beta BIOS.

Most of these guidelines are common sense and help to keep the forum fun and useful for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation and for your contributions to the MSI Global English Forum.
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