Frequent Freezing requiring hard reboot


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Jun 22, 2009
Newly built with X58 Pro board, i7 920, Patriot DDR3 6 MB (2MB x 3), EVGA 9800+ nVidia 512mb card, Logitech USB mouse, Belkin USB Wireless N network.  Running Vista Business SP (all updates in place).  Newest BIOS for motherboard and newest drivers for all devices.  Typically freezes about 30 minutes, keyboard and mouse non-functional.  I think it is related to USB but not sure.  The problem does not happen with XP, only Vista and especially with Windows 7 RC (both x32 and x64).  Any ideas?


Patriot DDR3 6 MB (2MB x 3)

Can you be more specific about your memory modules (specs, model name/number, link to the product site)?

Also, what PSU are you using (please provide full specifications, not just the total wattage).

What is your current BIOS Version?


Please test with one memory module only, manually set the memory to run @DDR1066 and raise the DRAM Voltage to 1.6V. Then see if there are any changes.
Logitech drivers are very often updated - for some reason.  ;)  Perhaps the company don't work too closely to Microsoft? May be a way for you to go. If it is an old Belkin card you should also consider Vista and wireless support.
Been seeing quite a few Logitech KB/mouse issues lately on all kinds of MB's. If you can get your hands on any try another brand for testing.
Okay, everything works fine now with only one DDR3 (Patriot PVT36G1333LLK) set to 7-7-7-20 per specs (no overclocking) at 1.65v; each of the individual memory modules works in the A0 slot.  Doesn't get past the POST however if I add more than one.  Power supply is Corsair 650W, video is EVGA 9800GT+ with latest nVidia drivers.  Belkin wireless works fine in Vista.  Please recommend alternate memory settings for me to try.  I am using most recent MSI BIOS 8.2.  Running Win Vista SP2 and XP SP3 without problem with 2 GB memory but I bought 6 GB.  I know Windows 32 bit can only address the first 3 GB or so, but I plan to update to 64bit Win 7 when possible.  Thanks in advance
set to 7-7-7-20 per specs (no overclocking) at 1.65v

If you are making these modules run @DDR3-1333 you have already overclocked them.  The native (non-overclocking) rating for your modules is DDR3-1066 @7-7-7-20 @1.5V +/-0.075V.  DDR3-1333 @1.65V is an OC rating.