From 1060 to 1080

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Mar 6, 2018
So, I have made an absurd amount of upgrades to my PC to make sure I could run anything I throw at it and my first graphics card purchase was a GTX 750 FTW. It was a great card but didn't give me the performance I wanted. So, I bought an ASUS GTX 1060 3GB and I loved it. The performance gain was incredible and it felt so smooth...Or so I thought. I stream and I tested the 1060 on Islands of Nyne while streaming. It was almost impossible. Now the game is in alpha so that is probably part of the issue, but I just felt like I needed more power. I talked with a friend for hours and we came to the conclusion that we needed to make an upgrade. I was looking around online and seeing the $1000 pricetag for a 1080 Ti and I just can't see myself spending that much. So, I settled for a 1080. I purchased an MSI GTX 1080 DUKE and this thing rocks! I can play any game on ultra and get 100+FPS everytime. I highly suggest making an upgrade if you haven't already because these cards are the bees knees!
Congrats dude.  I also recently upgraded, about a week back.  Upgraded from XBOX ONE to the master race hahaha.  Actually sold my 2005 BOMBARDIER DS650.  Was thinking of buying new, but saw the extreme prices of GPU's and RAM, and thought to myself, why not get a good second hand deal.  I was dead set on getting at least a GTX1080, desiring a 1080 Ti.  Finally managed to sell my quad bike, and at the same time, found a great deal online for a decent spec PC.  The PC is only 6-months old, and barely used at all.  AMD RYZEN 7 1700 3.7 ghz CPU, MSi GTX 1080 8G GAMING X, MSi PC MATE B350 motherboard, 16GB Crucial Balliztix DDR4 RAM, 250 SAMSUNG SSD, 2TB WD HHD, 650W Antec PSU, MSI branded Cooler Master ITX case, all for about USD $1 500.00 and everything still under warranty.
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