I am not verry happy at the moment, u see i just went out and purchased myself a G4mx420 and i installed it. When my computer booted up i clicked install and it got halfway done then my computer stalled i duno why, so i rebooted and it will always stall getting into windows 98 at the screen were it has the window. So i took the Geforce2mx 400 out of my other computer and i tried that and clicked install and i got the same problem. So i put in my vood 3 card and that works perfectly fine! CAN SOMONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT? ? ?(

Did you remove the voodoo 3 drivers? You should go back to Standard PCI VGA and then shut down and add the new card.

Good Luck,


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i had similar problems with my pentium 2 mobo with this card.. appearently the agp slot / version isnt compatible
so i bought a new computer :)