Galactic, the eSports Team from Japan, the Cradle of Video Games


Global Moderator
Mar 26, 2014
1. Could you introduce Galactic team's history briefly? Why choose the name Galactic? Is there any special meaning for Galactic?
Galactic was founded on Jan. 14 2012, to choose the name ?Galactic?, because we hope our team can gather more and more team members with various specialties, just like the Galactic.

2. Could you introduce Galactic team's members briefly?
????The team leader (current),a precise strategy maker.
?????A powerful attacker.
Seven?An outstanding fighter.
Cal.Devens?The youngest sniper in the team.
Cyaga?An excellent strategist and situation analyzer.
DorapaN?The 1st gen team leader, working as commentator and promotion supports in large event and activity.
SyaNha1?The 2nd gen team leader, in charge of advertisement and activities supports.

3. How do you get together to become a team? Do you know each other before?
The original vision is to nurture potential players through this team; moreover, some team members already played game together before joining Galatic.

4. Any interesting or challenge thing while founding Galactic?
We are fighting for one goal, it sounds easy, but the way is challenged.
In each activity, it is very important to let all members play game with implicit recognition but it takes time.
In current eSports environment, there are a lot of unexpected challenges to be overcome. Trusting team members to each other no matter how difficult it would be. In the mean time, it is also important for a team to get the supports from sponsors.

5. Japan is well-known for video games, but it seems there is a little late in developing eSports field, why? Do you think whether there are too many excellent video game machines for selections such as Nintendo, SONY PlayStation...?
It could be said, PC game is still not the mainstream culture in Japan, not get too much attention yet; however, there are more and more eSports shows and information on TV. It seems that is the best timing to kick off.

6. Comparing MSI GAMING NB to SONY PlayStation, which one could give you more fun while gaming?
I think they are totally different in operating and environment. PC game is quite fascinating; especially, a superior platform such as PC or Notebook is necessary and important. It is a key point and everyone knows very well. But the era would come soon when the PC game culture is getting popular and popular, I am quite confident.

7. Do you think MSI GMAING NB is the best choice to eliminate the barrier (professional PC) and help the popular PC game to develop Japanese eSports market?
The future of MSI GAMING Notebook is expected. Comparing to other countries, the house space in Japanese is quite limited; therefore, notebook would be the best solution. Notebooks are welcome to every Japanese especially for female players. For beginning player, Notebook is just the best choice. MSI?s Notebook series satisfy me no matter for their design, stylish and performance as my using experience.

8. Do you think using MSI GAMING NB is just as simple as to any video game machine? Anything that we have to improve?
It is quite fast and smooth to run the complicated 3D games for its high performance and human design. I think MSI should try to emphasize the image? MSI= GAMING? since MSI already got a lot of awards worldwide. This image should be promoted in Japan.

9. Any potential PC game which MSI could cooperate with to develop in Japan market? And how?
Promoting the MSI products with bundling the game! For example, AVA ever did that before with some specified models, but it stopped due to the OS compliance. It is also a good chance to promote MSI with Galactic on TV gaming program as we saw other brand has done before. Make more exclusive Japanese PV advertisement, exposure both in frequency and quality.

10. What is Galactic?s vision in gaming industry?
Galactic has a big vision, we would keep joining in AVA?s activities as well as some plans for other games. Based on the know how we got from AVA, we hope our gaming team can also succeed in other games.

11. What MSI can do to let more Japanese gamers know that they can have an easier way to join the eSports world?
Briefly, increasing the propaganda of MSI GAMING Notebook, leveraging the advantages of the media and localizing the information will both work in making MSI a friendly brand. Attract more people to know what eSports is without targeting only on gamers. MSI will get more potential gamers.