Games on Msi gtx 1060 oc

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Sep 5, 2016
Hello everybody I am new to Msi but I tried a new game no mans sky on my new Msi runs really perfectly on this config:
Msi Carbon gaming motherboard
Msi gtx 1060 gpu oc
Corsair vengeance 32 gb 2166 mhz
Amd ryzen 5 3.4 ghz oc
And it runs on 65 fps there are no drops...
And I'm really like is a good manufacturer...not good...the BEST!!!
I tried abzu before on this config and division...they are all run ultimately on this pc...any one who use this config please... Help me.. Why Msi is so goooood..I don t know but anyone who use it try to get out the best from the PC...please write comments who use the same pc configuration...and with over clocking this config can be more cool...that is awesome..last week when I first tried league of legends...I were in trouble because I had just one piece of !4 gb v 7 mark ram...but it dead after trying to open the gam I get to Amazon and bought 2x16 gb corsair ven. Ram and the Msi wasn this cool in my eyes for that moment when I realized...I can run all the PC games that I just want...I got the power with Msi...hahahahaha Msi is really powerful!
I want to buy a Msi gaming laptop...but I am a bit poor for that so I get to Msi website and found mrp...the Msi rewards program...ohh yes the Msi reward program that gives you free stuff for being active on this forum..that is absolutely the coolest thing I ever heard in the world!!!what is the best game in my is the ooh yes overwatch...I really
Love the game and with Msi gtx 1060 it is not n a new level of playing overwatch...anyone who overclocked hardware anytime knows that this is the coolest thing to improve the features of video card or even the psu loooool and I can't tell a game that doesn't run on Msi gaming products...all in all every games can run on Msi hardware..that is the today s topic thank u guys bye
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