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Mar 26, 2014

nXa Gaming, one of MSI's official sponsored professional e-sports team, featured 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 CS:GO & Crysis tournaments in the most prestigious DOTA 2 events. Dedicated to support local e-sport community, MSI recruited the Ladies team as one of the gamer-based Dragon Army years ago.

With the increasing media exposure via performances and exhibitions, nXa Gaming have become the number one female gamers and a widely-loved female game team in Indonesia. Much of the credit for the victory goes to Monica or better known as Nix1a, the leader and founder of the team, and one of the professional and iconic female gamers in Indonesia. The team focuses on FPS games, such as Call of Duty, their competitive game: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and now even expands their activities to a new DOTA2 ladies team.

Here is an interview with 'Nix1a' Monica Carolina, a leader and founder of nXa-Gaming, talking about the team's success and their next step in the gaming world!

1. As a core leader of nXa-Gaming team and a reviewer on your website, how do you handle multitasking?
I have my own priority list, and managed to keep it on the schedule. When a game competition is near, I will prioritize the time for practicing the game with my team. Vice versa, if there's no plan for joining a competition, I will focusing on my website but not entirely leave the scheduled practice time.

2. How do experiences with MSI motivate you or change your life since nXa-Gaming as a MSI brand ambassador?
We knew that MSI are also sponsoring big names on world's best gaming team such as Fnatic, etc. It's really motivates us to be a champion, and to have much more achievement on gaming tournaments like them.

3. Tell us the most interesting things during the corporation with MSI, which impressed you most??
It's when MSI invited me to visit Taipei, Taiwan for Computex 2013. There is MSI's main event : MSI Gaming Night, I was casually joining the CS:GO competition for fun, but ended up with my team's won the competition and got the MSI Notebooks as a prize that we didn't expect.

4. How does MSI gaming notebooks facilitate your gaming tournaments regarding your tagline - Gaming is anytime, anywhere?
Thanks to MSI that equipped each of NXA-Gaming ladies team with MSI gaming notebooks, it help us to practice and discussing about the game tactics anytime and anywhere we wanted to get together, either in a caf? or on the backstage of the tournaments. We have no longer hard times to practices the game only in our room or in a game cafe.

5. Which event was the most challenging in 2013's tournaments? How did you manage to fight back and beat the rivals in the end?
It was the MSI Beat It 2013 SEA ACG qualifier in Jakarta, Indonesia. We managed to have a stronger and better tactics to beat the rivals in the half of game, then we can win some last rounds, even though we ended up lost the match.

6. Tell us about Indonesia's gaming environment for female gamers. Would a female gamer bring more media attention than that of a male gamer?
Actually there's a lot of female gamers in Indonesia, but they're only playing casual online games.
I don?t think so.. if those female gamers doesn't have some e-sports achievements then they wouldn't get that media attention. But when they do, like winning tournaments or beat out the male gamers, female gamers can get more media attention rather than male gamers.

7. As a pro gamer, what is the definition of GAMING to you?
Gaming for me is a kind of hobby that needs some skill in playing games in order to join the competitive gaming scene. As a bonus, gaming can get us prizes if we can win tournaments.

8. In CS: GO game, is there any team or individual that you would most like to meet in person and to battle with, just like you did with Fatal1ty in 2011? And Why?
Sure, I'm looking forward to meet the whole Fnatic's CS:GO team in the future and have some CS:GO battle or coaching by Fnatic. Because I was a big fan of Fnatic's team, they have the best player on CS and oftenly winning in so many international tournaments. Now, I'm so thankful because of MSI invitation to Taiwan back in 2013, I finally met Patrik "cArn" who's now a CGO at Fnatic. Even though I didn't have chance to have a game battles with him but I did have many pictures together with him. :D

9. In addition to FPS games, nXa-Gaming team also expands their activities to new DOTA2 games. Tell us more about the new DOTA2 team, and how skills or tactics are significantly different compared with CS:GO?
Yes, I just made a new DOTA2 division who's led by Nadya "KagomeChan", she is the best DOTA2 female player here in Indonesia.
Well, you know CS:GO gameplay are very different from DOTA2 except the needs of a good teamwork in a match. I need to have those players with good skills in DOTA 2's heroes knowledge, along with which skills are the best from each heroes, and how to have a good strategy in-game. While in FPS games division, we're only focusing on the fast reaction aiming skills and good tactical commands.

10. How do you see the future of eSports?
I think there will be a lot of improvements and bright future in terms of game title to compete, countries scope, total prizes, and the gamers itself. I hope to see the future of eSports to be recognized in global regular sports event like Olympic Games etc.

11. As a professional gamer, any suggestions for gamers that intend to go pro?
My suggestions.. Practice the game is still #1 but you don't have to leave your real life, and only practicing in from of the computer for a full day. The point is to play the game for fun and reach your goal to be the winner.



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Jul 30, 2014
Nice post. Gaming is anytime anywhere indeed. What amazing ladies you are to be great on gaming! And your answers were great too.