gaming laptop GE72MVR 7RG APACHE PRO 120HZ DISPLAY


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Feb 22, 2018
i buy this new gaming lapptop and is very good for gaming but there is something i dont undertand  why the i7 don run 3.80ghz  only run 3.600ghz when is on 5%cpu  usage or 45% cpu usage but when is running full power 100% cpu run 3.39ghz wtf is that   i talk with intel and they say to me that the provider how make the pc is responsable for thos setthings  they calibrate it 

but running  gear of war 4 on ultra  3.39ghz the cpu temp is on (85 temperature to 90 temp ) depends on the games and grafics the games have the temperature state in 85 or 90 or lower 

maybe msi can make a update to make this computer laptop  run 3.80ghz    more cold at 3.80ghz if is posible that will improve the performance allitle more  but msi will  need to undervolt it 

something else that i dont  know it when playing some games 120fps  some times whith nope reason the fps drops and  go down to 30 or 20fps  and them go very fast to 120fps again  is like a drops of 10 seg and them go to 120 fps but sometimes  games start freezing  this rarely happens but when happens games start getting unstable and pc 

something else that i see that i dont undertand why the msi dont update all the gaming drivers to 2018 is very important having all pc gaming driver up to date for better performance in all areas that mean 

hardware motherboard
display performance ,speed and stavility,and quality
graphic performance 
bios speed and stavility and secuirty and more 
internal mouse laptop
better hd colors 

any way ect i mean so every computer always have the best drivers for the best performance gaming 

one more thing if you can make a better the msi dragon control panel will be better 
add new features ect 

just helping