Gaming monitor Optix G24C4 No signal

Jun 2, 2023
Hi, i had Just bought a monitor Optix G24C4, i tried to plug It in my computer, through a HDMI cable, and It gives me the no signal error, specifically the DP no signal error, so, i know that if It Is set on DP the HDMI cable wont work, but the issue Is, i cant switch the monitor to HDMI, cause the button behind does literally nothing, my question Is, Is the menu button broken or you Need to be plugged to a computer to Open the menu? When i click It while It gives me the no signal error nothing happens and the screen Just goes black After a Little, thank you very much for the help.


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Nov 7, 2013
It needs to be plugged in to let you open the menu. Bit weird behaviour.
Although you should be able to pick different input source.
Do you have an ability to test a different device with monitor?