Gaming X 1080

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Mar 23, 2017
It has amazing red-black color design and durable components. Firstly look that device, you can feel quality. Boxing was good, It give confidence. Stickers and thank you writing is so cute.?t is really little dragon :)
Box contain has a GPU, two sticker, thanks paper, driver cd, and other papers. Non-Static bag is smart think. Fans are huge, so we can receive little noise and max cooling. There are so many cooling pipes, I think we can play CS, LOL vs. no need fans.  MSI custom leds appear cool. And you can change color its. I think this is good for people who like case design. I bought a MSI MB for this card. And ? put two of them nearly then they are looking so good. MSI used good color and components, I think. I don't like that box has not a convertor maybe if it is add in box, I could like more than now. But it is not a problem. Because you can buy a convertor cheaply. Card support vr and dx12. So we can use this card longly time (?f we have good other component). I was try VR on telephone actually I do not like it. I think that, thanks to this card I can try better VR experience. What can I say? ?t is the best GPU for game and for longer utilization. Maybe price - utilize is low. But this price can give for GDDR5X. Because it is new tecnology and we use this longer time. I like MSI brand and like MSI products. They are give me confidence. I do not know why this situtation is like, but ? trust them. I think they are working for gamers and can doing new things. I impressed oc software. under favour of this things we can oc easly. Only one click, your oc is completed. No risk, no need additional (advanced) oc knowledge. Endly ? bought this product and ? will use and tests on game so we can see GPU's really performance. First view was good. I hope that game view will be good. Thanks everyone.


Not open for further replies.