GE62 7RE Apache Pro - Critics


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Jul 22, 2017
So many positive reviews, how wonderful the products are. Well, this is kinda one of them, but I am actually going to concentrate on what is actually NOT such a a great thing about these products, since everyone else seems to be on cloud #9 with their purchases. :)

First look after taking the actual laptop package out of shipping box was ... "WOW, this is a great retail box - a colourful carrying case" great idea, beautiful box. 
And after that first look it was even better - the laptop is well made, presents itself perfectly with nice, solid materials, flashy logo on top cover and lit up keyboard. Awsome. If you go for the looks.

And then came the bad things - starting with the power supply (see picture with cd disk as reference). This thing is HUGE. I only once seen a larger power supply - on an old (10yrs) DELL laptop. If you think this is minor takeback, wait until you want to carry your laptop and power supply back and forth 3 times a week. The laptop is 2.5kg (5+ lbs), which is not bad, but the power supply is another 0.5kg (1+ lbs)!!! Some of you may say - "well, this is gaming laptop so doesnt matter if it is light to carry" - sorry - not exactly correct - when you purchase a laptop instead of desktop you actually assume you will have to move it and carry somewhere else sometime. Bummer. This thing is not meant to be carried. It has to be driven to destination like an old lady in a wheelchair. They should have a promotion "carrying case with wheels for free with purchase of gaming laptop". :)

So, I am looking on my brand new laptop full of nice, fuzzy, warm feelings (power supply out of sight) and turn it upside down. Now I'm in shock. Did any of you actually see the bottom of the laptop on ANY of MSI gaming laptop product pictures? I don't think so. My shock results from a simple realisation - there is no hdd and no memory compartment covers !!! (not mentioning optional M2 interface where you should be able to install extra SSD drive - not there either) It is solid as a rock. (see picture below) Which is weird, because with gaming equipment it is all about components - performance components that is, and allowing end users to replace hdd or memory without sending laptop to authorized repair center 1000 miles away and waiting 2 weeks for it to come back is a thing, that is practiced, I dont know, for the last ten years perhaps? So thats a bummer.

But I am determined. I am going to see whats inside anyway. Why would I do that you ask? Simple - I want to know whats inside - as I mentioned before - gaming equipment is all about performance. Unfortunatelly, I failed to find out any info from MSI on what actual components it uses to support their "top performance" claims. So I take another look and search for disassembly instructions on MSI site. I found them pretty quickly, but then I look on my laptop again and ... OMG ... there is a warranty sticker over one of the screws !!! C'mon .. this is like 1994 all over again. Do you know any other company that locks their product with ominous sticker warning "damaging this seal will void your warranty". So, I contact MSI support and they are very cool about upgrading memory - its all no problemo, unless in a process, you physically damage mechanical parts (?!) Why would that happen? Hmmm, im not even going to comment on that. Actualy I am going to brag about this, but look for it at the bottom if you are not tired reading it yet.

Anyway, onward! For those of you that look for info on whats inside - HDD - HGST (former Hitachi) - not so bad, average performance, memory - Samsung 2133Mhz module - middle class as well nothing special, SSD (optional) - Transcend (SATA mode 256GB) - not the top or major brand, but ok. All in all an average gaming piece of equipment, considering VGA is most likely MSI construction nVidia 1050Ti and processor is, you know - Intel i7 7700HQ of course - no surprise there. I am quite happy.

All considered I am quite happy with the laptop I just got. The screen is sharp and visible, colors are vivid and bright. I had a different laptop next to MSI and the difference in picture quality was visible right away. Screen seemed larger too - I actually checked the dimensions of both screens to find out they are exactly the same, but MSI visually seems larger. One thing that is not so great is the screen frame - its very wide for a 15,6" screen - an inch on each side - most likely a side effect of having a very nice large keyboard built in. In an age of LCDs having almost no visible border edge (check your mobile phone or other laptops) this is quite a turn-off. What I would like to see in future models, would be a 17" edge-to-edge screen on 15,6" laptop box (it seems possible) with a stiff metal outside cover protecting the screen from damage and during opening. Another thing that I just thought now - the screen settings are all set to max (brightness, contrast), so in the beginning you maybe going "oh wow" but there is no further adjustment "up" possible, and down the line the image quality may suffer.

Anyway, I got my laptop without operating system. The reason I got it like that was ... the laptop was not offered with Windows 10 Pro (?!!!). Version "Home" on every single laptop I could find. Weird. One nice thing that I found during Win-stalation was a dedicated partition on hdd with all the drivers for the laptop and an installer that took care of installing it all. Very nice feature saving a lot of time instead of searching for appropriate drivers, downloading them and then determining proper order of installing it. Thumbs up.

About damaging parts during disassemby - the gaming laptop not having user accessible compartments for hdd and memory is bad enough. I found absolutely no mention of it in any of the reviews I have seen. Telling users that if they break a plastic clip they loose warranty on the whole $1500+ gaming laptop is a diffrent story all together. They don't specifically say you won't void your warranty by opening your laptop, instead, they say its  possible for end user to upgrade hdd or memory, but they would prefer if a pro (as in MSI service center) could do it.
So I am still left guessing if I still have a warranty after such operation or not. Ridiculous, I would say. One year manufacturers warranty with such safety measures to protect whats inside is greatly unfair, too. Either you stand by quality of your product, or not. Check ASUS for 3yr warranty, or DELL for 2-3 years on pretty basic laptops. Shame. But I got MSI anyway. Hope I won't be dissapointed 2 years from now. Or earlier. Right now I'm still in a bliss mode.

Look forward to next rewiews about upgrading memory and SSD as well as performance in games.

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