GE620DX - utility an integrated graphics card


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Dec 6, 2011
Hello, new MSI notebook user here. I've got my notebook last week and I'm experiencing 2 major problems.
And before you ask, yes I've read the stickies and used the search option.

1. My function keys, and therefore my webcam, my Wi-Fi card and other controls can't be used/turned on. I've installed everything on the CD and nothing seems to work. I've chcecked on in the download section but it's pretty much the same I have on the CD. What should I do, where should I download these utilities from?

2. The integrated graphics card from Intel. I can't run some games because of it (eg. Orcs Must Die!) or get low/unstable framerates (eg. League of Legends, Starcraft II). I know it's a notebook but since it's being sold as a gaming device and sports a pretty decent GPU from Nvidia I reckon this shouldn't happen, especially on 1-2 year-old games. Anyway, I can't disable it from Windows (it turns off the display) or BIOS (don't see such an option). Again, what should I do, how do you solve this?

Thanks in advance


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Jan 20, 2012
I know this is an old thread but he might still need help.

1. This is working fine for me, just download the latest updates from MSI's homepage, also use flash the latest BIOS and Firmware, there is a guide on the MSI homepage to. The drivers on the CD is outdated.

2. You can't disable the intel graphics, but you can choose wich graphic card to use on the games. You can rightclick on the games shortcut or the .exe launcher. Then you select Use graphic processor -> Nvidia high performance.

You can also enter nvidia graphics panel by right clicking on your desktop, in here you go 3D-settings -> Program settings. Just add the game, for example League of Legends, and choose always run with Nvidia high performance. Then the intel graphics wont bother you.

Hope this helps.