getting the best from an nforce 2 part 2 settings


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Jul 7, 2002
ok this is going to be a bit of an overview,its not going to be if you have this ram and cpu use these settings


first of in order to get to a high fsb you need to know whether your cpu is unlocked with this board


if its a palamino its not unlocked ,touch the multiplier setting and it will not boot

there is a guide to unlocking them here

but in all honesty its really not worth the effort ,better and easier to get a new Thoroughbread or Barton

for my money the xp 2500 barton is the best bang for the buck

Thoroughbread and Barton

what you need to know here is what multiplier it uses by default

you can find that here

amd cpu codes and details

note carefully how for some of the speeds there are several versions

if this multiplier is 12.5 or less then you have all the multipliers up to 12.5 to choose from,but you cannot use 13 or above

if this multiplier is 13 or more then as far as this board goes its locked

change the multiplier and it will not boot until you clear cmos

Clear CMOS Guide

you can get around this with the wire trick

once wire tricked then multipliers up to 12.5 will work,pick 13 or above and it either will not boot or will boot at a daft multiplier


well to get the most out of your new fancy PC 3200 ddr ram you need to run the fsb at 200 so that the cpu and ram are running 1.1 at the same speed

the way the chipset works you will get better performance running the cpu at 166 and ram at 333 than trying to run 166 and ram at 400


please read what to do if it all goes wrong as well

this is a work in progress please dont post in this thread just yet thanks


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Jul 7, 2002

to get the most from this chipset use 2x matching dimms

and be sure one of them is in the isolated slot 3 furthest away from the cpu

the other can be in slot 1 or 2 ive yet to see proof it really matters which


as i said above this is not a step by step

if you want a step by step basic set up guide to the bios there is a good one here

the main setting to change is the fsb/ddr ratio ,you need to set this to 1.1
at any other ratio you will loose out

it matters not that your cpu will only do 195 fsb and you want your ram at 400

but this way it only says 390 take my word for it the pc will be faster and more

stable this way


start of slow and work your way up

ok you have seen a guy on a site says his xp 2500 barton will run at 12.5x 200

well yours might or might not and just banging those setting in may lead to grieff

may be your rams no good at 200 fsb

so start with a low multiplier say 8 or 9 and 166 fsb ,then jump it up a bit at a time

your looking for signs its not stable

well prime 95 will sort out that as far as the cpu goes

and good old


after you find the max fsb you can run at you can then try for a higher multiplier


overclockers use higher voltage setting

yes thats true but there is no nead nor no point in using higher voltages just for the sake of it

if you increase the settings and it boots to windows but falls over in prime 95 it may be a little bit more vcore will help,it may be your coolings rubbish,in wich case more vcore will heat it up more and cause it to fail evan faster

ram voltages

yes most of this DDR400 likes more than the regular 2.5v or 2.6v that spd will select for it if running over 200fsb with tight timmings

but not all ,ive seen a few posts with some were reducing the 2.6 volts spd had selected to 2.5v made an unstable set up work

as with the cpu more volts equals more heat

so only raise it just enough to be stable,if its fine at 2.6v leave it alone dont pick 2.8v just for the sake of it


the lowest numbers need not lead to the fastest speeds

read this thread at amdforums as whats said there works for me


at the end of the day if you dont have a descent cooler

you will find your excursion into overclocking is a short lived one

im not going to go into the ins and out but i have posted a bit of a guide to lapping

if done correctly this can improve any coolers peerformance

i will recommend artic silver 3 as your cooler grease

but as 5 is now coming out and in the 2 reviews ive seen to date it is better

and is nowere near as conductive as the older one get that if you can

as to what cooler,well how longs a piece of string

the cooler im using right now is this one

the cooler on my wish list is its big brother

for a great read on coolers and what i regard as fair tests check out dans site

after you have read the cooler reviews check out his front page to see what kind of model tank he is playing with this week