GL62 6QE Unboxing


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Jan 8, 2015
As an office lady, I am searching for a laptop that I can both use for work and play some games in my leisure time. Since the gaming notebook industry is booming, it?s the right time to buy one to try! Even though there are many brands in this field, MSI is undoubtedly the expert in gaming notebook with the complete line of gaming notebook. After searching for some information online and the concern for the budget, I decide to buy MSI GL62 6QE which is the most suitable one for me.


Open the color box and here comes my new laptop! Love the dragon shield logo!
So beautiful isn?t it? :smile:

Accessories kit is right under the laptop-adaptor, power cord and useful guidebook.

Here it is! My new laptop~~~

MSI is very sweet, they put the sticker that shows the main feature like Steelseries
Nahimic, the really good thermal solution-Cooler Boost. You can also see the spec of my GL62, Nvidia GTX950M graphic card, and PCIE SSD that will be very helpful for my job.

The design is simple yet sophisticated, especially the black metallic exterior design.

All gamers love the steelseries keyboard and so do I, good tactile feedback. Perfect for gaming!

Left side IO port, with the VGA and Mini DP, I can do the matrix display. Play game and browse internet at the same time, maybe watch tutorial video too!

The Right side IO port


New experience~ My first time to use Windows 10, quite easy to use.

For people who care a lot about the audio performance like me, the embedded Nahimic audio software definitely brings me new audio experience no matter playing games, watching movies or just simply listening to music. I can adjust the setting with different mode.

My GL62 6QE features Intel?s latest Skylake CPU i7-6700HQ and Nvidia GTX950M with 128SSD+1HDD. Since I am not really a hardcore gamer, GTX950M already can satisfy my need. I love to play League of Legends after my work to relax. When I used my previous laptop to play League of Legends, it sometimes crashes and I am tired of it. With this new gadget, the game runs very smoothly. The 3D mark score below for your reference.


My friend likes to play Final Fantasy, and we also use this machine to test. The result is really good, it runs smoothly without any lag. With this entry level gaming notebook, I am impressed with the high performance!

The picture of SSD testing, the speed is really fast. It helps a lot on my work, the fast transfer speed increases my work efficiency.

In conclusion, if you are not a hardcore gamer and just want to experience gaming notebook, GL62 6QE is one of your best choice to enjoy the gaming experience with the affordable price.