GM41 Wireless Firmware and Sensor Issue

Oct 19, 2021
Hi so I just bought a GM41 Wireless Mouse yesterday, and I downloaded the latest MSI Center to set the mouse. After download, I plug the mouse in with wired to update the wired firmware, and it updated no problem, but there's no battery indicator, so I plug the mouse in wireless with the dongle, and it told me to update the firmware for the dongle, so I updated it, but after the notification "Update Complete", and I pressed the mouse icon in MSI Center, it told me to update again, and it keeps repeating. So does in the live update section. Anyone have any idea how to deal with this problem. Does not updating the firmware affect the sensor? Because when I was gaming, the sensor would stop tracking for a second, and then went back to normal, but it happens very frequently. Therefore I was wondering does firmware affect the sensor tracking problem?
Thanks in advance.


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Nov 20, 2003
Yep, please check PM I will assist you with this issue.
[although there is no remote solution]