godlike build


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Feb 5, 2017
I am looking at the godlike carbon for a new computer build.  While checking to make sure all my parts work on pc build checker I get this notice "Some Intel X99 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Broadwell-E CPUs."  
One of my questions is do I need to update the bios (if so how) before installing windows 10 or do i run driver updates after I have windows up and running.  
Secondly when looking at drivers on the msi page for the board the 2.6v has this statement '- When Haswell-E CPU Raito over 37 and then system may become instable."
What does this even mean?


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Feb 11, 2012
the BIOS May need to be updated if its from older stock that was made before 2016-06-06 (Format = YYYY-MM-DD) and if it was made earlier then that then it will not support the Broadwell-E CPU's but if it was made after that date it will support it out the box.

if the board needs updating you only have a few options available:
1: Get the Shop to check if the board will support it and if it needs updating get them to update it before they give it you
2: get a hold of a supported CPU (Haswell-E) and use that to update the BIOS before you install the Broadwell-E one
3: get the board and if its not supporting your CPU you can RMA it to MSI to get them to update the board so it will support it!

As for the above 37 CPU Ratio thing that is down to the individual CPU and how it responds to the Overclock and many may Fail Above a 37 Multiplier as the base clock will most probably be at 125MHz so a 37 multiplier would make a CPU's clock speed be 4625MHz (4.625GHz) and some CPU's may not handle that! so its down to the CPU and how good it is and where it came off on the silicon Wafer.