Good Memory Choices for ALL K7N2 nF2 released boards

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This guide pertains to ANY/ALL K7N2 nF2 boards!!! Delta or otherwise...

First and foremost nVidia finally released an approved memory list for the nForce2 chipset. YOUR MEMORY MUST MATCH EXACTLY WHAT THIS LIST READS OR IT'S SUBJECT TO QUESTION!!! Part number is important and just because your memory is made by the same manufacturer DOES NOT MEAN it will work!!! You can find it here:

nForceTM Memory Compatibility

I compiled the list and the following modules were posted as working. YOUR MEMORY MUST MATCH EXACTLY WHAT THIS LIST READS OR IT'S SUBJECT TO QUESTION!!! Part number is important and just because your memory is made by the same manufacturer DOES NOT MEAN it will work!!!

Kingston has discontinued support for the K7N2 board!!!!
Read here: Kingston Non-Supported MSI Boards

Legend: Manufacturer Name, Number of modules used x size, Model Number/Speed, Type of chips on module, Speed users system is running at currently, BIOS Setting, Board user has in system, User who posted.

ADATA 2x256MB PC3200 -ILSR w/AGP Card posted by LizzardKing
APACER 2x512MB PC2700 Dual Channel (DC) No OC by JaymerKramer
APACER 2x512mb DDR400 pc3200 2.7v 2-3-3-7 DC by Sunexxx
Corsair 2x256MB 3200LLPT 6-2-2-2 by Nightblade
Corsair 1x256MB XMS2700C2 133MHz 6-3-2-2 by Gerbil
Corsair 1x512MB XMS512-2700LLPT -ILSR w/IGP by JMark
Corsair 2x256MB XMSPC2700C2PT DC -ILSR w/IGP
Corsair 1x512MB XMS SC CAS2.0 6-2-2 1T by FLOOD8496
Corsair 2x512MB PC2700 DC 266FSB only 333FSB reboots by Celtic_F8
Corsair ?x256MB PC2700 LLPT by DSM
Corsair 2x256MB PC2700 LL XMS 200MHz FSB 6-3-3-2.5 by RadioHead
Corsair 1x256MB XMS2700C2 by RSilva
Corsair 1x512MB XMS Series CMX512-3200C2PT
Corsair 2x512MB CMX512-3200LLPT SC Only 6-3-2-2 @ 200MHz by [NSEC]Ranman
Corsair 2x256MB TWINX512-3200LL 400MHz DC 6-2-2-2 1T by FbrdPhreak
Corsair ?x512MB PC3200 CL2.5 -L FSB @444MHz 8-2-2-2.5 @ 2.7MHz by Santa_Claw
Corsair 2x512MB XMS3200C2PT Delta-ILSR by mobo57
Corsair 2x512MB PC2700 ValueRAM Samsung Chips by JNL1105
Corsair 2x512MB TwinX1024-3200C2PT Lot#0328896 by JNL1105
Corsair 2x256MB XMS3200CAS2 Delta-ILSR 6.0 BIOS by robbie_uk36
Corsair 2x512MB XMS3200C2PT Xtreme Speed Series DC 7-3-3-2 1:1; 6-3-3-2 Didn't work by zxp
Corsair 2x512MB TwinXPC3200LL -L by Krypptic
Corsair 1x512MB CMX512-3200LL Delta-ILSR 7-2-2-2 7.0 BIOS by Auswak
Crucial 1x256MB (Slot 1) 1x512MB (Slot 3) PC2700 -ILSR by NoSoup4U
Crucial 2x256MB PC2700 Single-sided -L by Capn
Crucial 2x256MB PC2700 133FSB DC HiPerf by MOOT
Crucial 2x256MB PC2700 by AndyNichols
Crucial 2x256MB PC2100 SPD 6-3-3-2.5 by Gerbil
Crucial 2x512MB PC3000 -ILSR by Generic
Crucial 2x256MB PC2700 CT3264Z335 -L by RedB
Crucial 2x256MB PC3200 HiPerf -ILSR w/IGP 1:1 DC 5-2-2-2 by Grizz
Crucial 2x256MB PC2700 CT3264Z335 -L by RedB
Crucial 2x256MB PC2700 @400MHz FSB 6-3-3-2.5 by Shaft
Crucial 2x256MB PC2100 Micron Chips -L by Microstar22
Crucial 2x512MB PC2700 CL2.5 P/N CT6464Z335 -ILSR DC by Sensei_Knight
DANE-ELEC 2x512MB DDR333 Nanya Chips -ILSR by SlugDive
DANE-ELEC 2x256MB PC2100 CL2 Infineon Chips Hi Perf -L by Shardan
Elixer 2x256MB PC2700 HiPerf M2U2JH64DS8HBIG-6K by Brummieman
Elixer 2x512MB PC2700 DC by Dixie
Elixer 1x512MB PC2700U-25330 #M2U51264DS8HB2G-6K -L by JackPo
Generic 2x256MB PC2100 CAS2.0 by BradleyT
Generic 1x512MB PC3200 Winbond Chips W942508H-5 Slot 3 worked Slot 1 didn't by PanzerKnight
Generic 1x256MB PC2100 -ILSR by PanzerKnight
Geil 2x256MB PC3200 400MHz Ultra CAS2 2T by Azuremint
Geil 1x256MB PC3200 400MHz Ultra CAS2.0 2T COMMANDGL2563200U by Azuremint
Geil 2x512MB PC2700 Velue RAM -ILSR w/1.4 BIOS 1.3 BIOS didn't work by KarlD
Infineon 2x256MB DDR333 by Mordred
Infineon, 2x512Mb, PC3200 DDR400 HYB25D256800BT-5 333FSB Dual Channel 2.5-3-3-6 2.7v, K7N2 Delta-L by RAU-Deuce Buy These!!
KByte 1x512MB PC2700 w/Tt Heat Spreaders -ILSR by clarkkent57
Kingston 2x256MB PC3200 HyperX HiPerf 6-2-2-2 by Gerbil
Kingston 2x? PC2700 DDR333 166FSB by Krobar
Kingston 2x512MB HyperX PC2700 DC 5-2-2-2 -ILSR w/IGP by DBELIXX
Kingston 2x256MB DDR400 -L by Bonbo
Kingston 2x512MB DDR2700 ValueRAM Hynix/Infineon Chips -ILSR w/IGP No OC
Ability by Ze Vebmeister
Kingston 2x256MB ValueRAM KVR333X64C25/256 -L w/IGP DC 3.4 BIOS 1&3 China/Taiwan Chips by CarlJo
Kingston 2x256MB PC2700 ValueRAM CL2.5 Infineon Chips -L by Marioncyclonefan
Kingston 2x256MB HyperX KHX3000/256 6-2-2-2 CAS2 by RayN
Kingston 2x256MB KVR333X64C25/256-B Infineon Chips -ILSR w/IGP by GR3G
Kingston 2x256MB PC2700 KVRDDR333 DC -L w/IGP 3.4 BIOS by Brinip
Kingston 2x256MB PC2700 HyperX KHX2700/256 8-3-3 CAS2.0 by Cosmic_Gate
Kingston 2x256MB KVR333X64C25/256 Kingston Chips 1.3 BIOS Works 1.2 Doesn't Work OC 350MHz by Ganrique
Kingston 1x512MB PC2700 ValueRAM w/Tt Heat Spreaders -ILSR by clarkkent57
Kingston 2x512MB PC3200 -ILSR by vfrex
Kingston 2x256MB PC2700 HyperX KHX2700/256 CL2 OC@400MHz Delta-L Ultra 400
Kingston 1x256MB PC3200 HyperX INTCLK: 2205MHz; SYSCLK: 200.45; FSB: 400.91; Multiplier: 11 by ptone
Kingston 2x512MB KVR333X64C25/512 ValueRam -ILSR w/IGP by Sinjin
Kingston 2x256MB PC2700 HyperX DC Delta-L by scooter787b
Kingston 2x256MB KVR266X64C25/256 DC Delta-ILSR by VectorCrazy
Mercury 2x256MB PC333 CL2.5 by MediaMaster
Micron 2x512MB PC2700 Part# MT16VDDT6464AG335B4 by Cleburnite
Mushkin 2x256MB PC3200 Level II Black Line by Microstar22
Mushkin 2x256MB PC2700 Level II Black Line HiPerf by JDMFerio
Mushkin 2x256MB PC3200 Enhanced HiPerf Black -ILSR by Thashilznik
Mushkin 2x256MB PC3200 Blue Line DC by Sanjuro
Mushkin 2x512MB PC3200 6-2-2-2 DC by Jagrmystr
Mushkin 2x256MB PC3200 Level II Black Line -ILSR by Wickley
Mushkin 1x512MB PC3500 Level II Black Line 5-2-2-2 @ 400MHz by NitrokDF
Nanya 2x256MB PC2700 by Eriksen
OCZ 2x512MB EL3200 200MHz FSB 5-2-2-2.5 DC by RustySpike
OCZ 2x256MB PC3200 EL Series 1&3 DC 200MHz by WyreTheWolf
Samsung 1x512MB PC3200 by Drowninjello
Samsung 2x256MB PC3200 by JRHYBALL
Samsung 2x512MB PC3200
Samsung 2x512MB No Further Info by MadMan
Samsung 2x256MB PC2100 DC -L w/IGP 3.4 BIOS by Brinip
Samsung ?x256MB PC2700 Korean Chips (listed on nVidia comp list) by owain_thomas
Samsung 2x256MB PC3200 11-3-3-2.5 -L by JRHVBALL
TwinMOS 2x256MB PC3200 Winbond Chips 200MHz 6-3-3-2 by Spacemonkey
TwinMOS 2x512MB PC3200 Winbond Chips by Mandiven
TwinMOS 2x256MB PC3200 TwinMOS Chips Delta-ILSR by JOW
TwinMOS 2x512MB PC3200 Twister Model Delta-ILSR DC 200MHz by oyseinw

IMHO I'd be leery when looking/using MSI's recommended memory page. Some have gotten confused when reading it and have used the memory recommendations in slots that they either weren't tested in or didn't work in. Others that DID read it correctly just flat out had problems as their results didn't coincide with MSI's results. *Could have been different manufacturer of the actual chips used on the modules that MSI used compared to what the consumer bought* That's the nature of the business though and MSI can't control what the Mem Module Mfg's use on their modules. They just report what worked from what was submitted to them at the time of testing.

There seems to be some discussion that single sided memory sticks have a problem but double sided doesn't.

Samsung seems to be having an issue in that they have two different manufacturers of chips. One works and the other doesn't. I'm guessing that the Infineon chips are the Korea chips but I can't say for sure.

They all range in price but I spent some time doing searches on the net tonight and found that the best prices came from PriceGrabber and usually NewEgg had the best or close. EXCEPT for the Mushkin in which their website had better prices than anywhere.

So if you think you're having a memory issue or we can help you prove that your old slow memory just isn't playing in the sandbox well with this board, hop on over and do a search and grab some decent memory.

The other point to know here is that you are better off getting 2 chips of whatever so that you can take advantage of the Dual Channel Mode of this board. Insert sticks in slots 1,3 or 2,3. Slot 3 is the one by itself. You can also fill slots 1&2 with 256MB chips and slot 3 with a 512MB chip and it will work in Dual Channel Mode. I've seen mixed results concerning filling all 3 slots with different values i.e. Dimm 1: 256MB Dimm 2: 512MB Dimm 3: 256MB...some say this setup still accesses Dual Channel Mode and others say it doesn't. IMHO I'd say it would kill Dual Channel Mode as the two channels would be unbalanced.

The newest BIOS releases for the K7N2G boards supposedly have fixed the Kingston memory issue. I don't/won't use Kingston in any product I build personally but would like some feedback from you guys pertaining to this.

Happy Computing!! 8)

P.S. I'll be updating this post as I find more info here in the forum and other forums that I read. 8) Also remember that I'm taking other ppl's word for what's working for them here...I can't verify all of this really does work and you may have differing results. :D

I'd like to thank all of the posters over at nForcersHQ for data gathered for this post as well. *Give credit where credit is due 8) *


Well ive been doing some heavy research across 3 forums about memory and MSI nforce2 board..

Seems the Nforce2 MSI board likes 256meg single sided sticks of memory, 512meg double sided can see issues.
Also dont think getting a high big brand stick like Samsung or Micron or Corsairs gonna be fine, in fact Corsair have admited there sticks dont work on the MSI nforce2 board to well, they recommended a more expensive stick in fact.

Its also important to note different sticks of sizes/speeds work while others dont, its not just the brand that dont work its speed/size that counts also!

Ive tried 3-4 brands so far, gonna try Crucial next.

Nanya 256meg PC2700 works fine, Twinmoss PC2700 256meg doesnt work at all well. Gonna try Crucial PC2700 256meg sticks next.

Check here for more info:


Hard to pin point down the specs, u simply gotta get the right memory for your cpu (athlonXP)

PC1600 =100fsb
PC2100 =133fsb
PC2700 =166fsb
PC4000 =200fsb

So which ever CPU yours is rated most likely 133fsb if its under XP2500, then u will just need PC2100, but bare in mind PC2700 is the same price as PC2100 sticks and PC2700 memory can run at both 133/166fsb :)

Unless u plan on getting the XP3200 (200fsb) in summer or plan on doing some overclocking PC2700 should suit you fine.



Originally posted by comecum
How about Kingston brand?
Posted this elsewhere but thought it might be informative under this thread:

I just talked to a 2nd level tech at Kingston. He didn't even bother trying to tech the memory at all, just had me RMA the memory back to Kingston. He asked me what name was silkscreened to the actual chips themselves - in this case Kingston - and had me send them back. He never said Kingston knew of an issue with these chips (I asked) but he was careful to make sure that customer service sent me chips that didn't have Kingston or Payton (sp?) on them.

I don't want to read too much into this but I found it interesting. The new chips are being cross shipped to me and should be here by Wednesday or Thursday. Hopefully, Newegg we get me a new board by then. I will post the results as soon as I get things up and running again. I'm not holding very high expectations, however.


Did some thinking about the conversation with the Kingston tech rep and I went back and looked at the compatibility list for PC2700 memory. Here's the listing that's there:

Winbond (Kingston) KVR333X64C25/256

It lists two different batch numbers and, if I'm reading this right, one batch tested ok for slots 1.2 and 3 or just slots 1 and 2 (no ddr?) and the other batch tested ok for 1,2 and 3 and ok for slots 2 and 3 (ddr ok?). Now I'm just guessing here, but I think that Kingston is having a problem with the ram manufactured at their own facility and the Payton facility. If I'm reading this right, MSI tested Kingston ram manufactured by Winbond. Some worked in dual channel mode and some worked but not in dual channel mode.

giflitti and bonz - am I reading that right?

If this is the case, that really stinks - MSI recommended the ram (or Kingston paid MSI to list it that way?). So you click the Kingston link on the MSI website, select the ram for your board according to the Kingston selection wizard and then expect to have memory that should run on the board w/o a hitch. Wrong.

Again, I'll post when I get my stuff in and running.


Yea Marion you are reading this right and it's very common that that happens in the business...again I state that my original post is just the mfg's that I've seen that ppl have bought ram from that DOES work in this board. I haven't specified any particular chips because I'm not privvy to the exact specs that some of the ppl are using that have posted here have. I do know that this MB seems to require the more expensive, faster speed memory that is out there right now but I'm not going to get flamed about sending you to a certain chip and then you buy it and it comes up not working for you. I'm way to seasoned in this business to put my butt out on the block for that heheheh

If you want SPECIFIC part numbers and such on the brands that I've listed in this sticky do a search for memory on the boards and read what ppl are using and some of them list particular chips that they are using...I'm sure you'll find something that suits your needs, maybe not your budget tho...

Take care! 8)


I sent Kingston Europe an email asking was my K7N2G-L compatible with their 256 Meg PC2700 modules and whether there were any known compatability issues. The following answer is (judging by the wording) at least a partially automated response but it appears radically different from some of the comments reported here as coming from Kingston US tech support.

Kingston reply quoted verbatim...........

Regarding your below email, unfortunately the below issue does not seem to
be related to Memory problems. However, to validate the below problem you
may want to try and test the memory configuration of the System with a
software-based Memory testing application like Memtest 86. If however this
program does not issue any errors then there are no problems between the
Memory bus and the Memory controller and the issue lies elsewhere. Please
also check with MSI for a newer BIOS version if available since this may be
a known issue with the nForce 2 chipset.


Which I'm reading as 'P*ss off and Die - it's not our fault'

I am being shafted by my UK based vendor Dabs who 'Can't accept an RMA of mobo or memory since neither is actually faulty' and who added insult to injury by adding 'I spec'd the Ram & board so its my fault if they're not compatible' and 'Since the products are working and have been opened, they have no obligation under the EU Distance Selling Regulations to take them back or to offer me a full or partial refund'. (Guess who just lost a customer?)

I thought from some of the posts that Kingston might at least replace the RAM themselves... it appears not ... not if you live in Europe anyway!

Anyone got anything on email officially from a Kingston source admiting the problem? If so could you forward me a copy. I'd like to take the battle back to both the companies at least once more before giving up!

If not it is looking like I now have 1/2 Meg of working PC2700 DDR ...... but it just won't work with my mobo.

Any offers??



In your initial posting you were discussing using 3 DIMMS vs. 2 DIMMS. Here is what nvidia has to say about it:

Taken from:

DualDDR combines the power of DDR333/DDR400 with two independent intelligent memory controllers. As stated previously, higher memory bandwidth yields higher system and graphics performance, resulting in more overall productivity, while intelligent arbitration and ordering logic ensures that data integrity is maintained.

Both of the memory controllers on DualDDR are functionally identical with all control and timing parameters independently programmable. This flexibility allows the users to populate up to three asymmetric DIMMs in any organization, size and speed.

DualDDR simply adjust to the lowest common density that will facilitate 128- bit bandwidth, allowing a wide variety of different DIMM combinations to operate reliably regardless of the individual density and latency characteristics.

DualDDR also doubles the addressable memory space to 3GB. End-users now can populate higher density DIMMs, up to 1GB each, to utilize the entire 3GB memory address map.

This large memory map allows more application and audio, video streams to coexist without conflicts. DualDDR also incorporates three memory address buses to reduce loading and to ensure all three DIMMs operate stably at very high data rates.


Also remember to run fsb/mb at 1:1 for best performance:

When running at 166fsb and 200mb (166/200)the performance is poorer then (166/166).
Running your memory at a 1:1 produces less CPU to memory latance then 166/200. This is because the cpu has to wait longer for the two clocks to sync up. causing more delay not higher performance.
If you by ddr3200 (400mb) on a 166fsb cpu, the extra memory performance can be used in overclocking the fsb with a 1:1 ratio on fsb/memory.

The following is from Nvidia

NVIDIA nForce2 platform processors were designed to deliver an unparalleled
computing experience by harnessing the power of an !!optimized synchronous
memory subsystem!!(This is 1:1). Running an nForce2-based motherboard or system in
synchronous mode achieves the highest system and memory performance possible,
with either optimal or aggressive memory timings.


I quote:

Incompatible RAM is a major bugbear, we're told you've been looking into this...

NVIDIA is going to update their memory compatability listing to show the following:
1) RAM brand name: OCZ, Mushkin, Kingston, etc...
2) Actual RAM chip maker name: Infineon, Winbond, Hynix, etc...
3) Actual RAM chip stepping

Read more here

Good interview and gives light to what we've all been battling...

Cheers!! 8)


To repeat again...This thread is NOT to post about your problems or ask any questions on what memory works or doesn't work.

It is to list what is and what isn't working for you in your setup.

If after reading this whole thread from start to finish, you can't figure out what is working and what isn't then you probly shouldn't be building your own box and I recommend that you take it to a local builder and let them build it for you...


Cheers!! 8)


As some of you may have realized at this point, I'm starting to compile the data from this thread and will post it into one complete thread for reference. Then will be able to add to that as more ppl post here...

If you feel so inclined please send me email with intricate detail on your memory that is or isn't working so that I can get this list as complete as possible.

As it seems, from what I'm gathering here, that the type of board makes a difference plz let me know if you're using a -ILSR with or without using IGP or -L.

This is a long process to compile but I'll get it done for us so we have a better reference in addition to nVidia's list...

Cheers!! 8)


New member
Sep 20, 2003
I bought two 512 MB PC3200 PC400 DDR RAM sticks from FRIDGED NORTH ELECTRONICS SUPPLY CO. in Anchorage, Alaska at the same time I bought my MSI K7N2 Delta mobo (the ones the salesman said would work in it) and they did not work, they will not allow the system to even post. When I bought the two sticks I asked for "memory that would work in the K7N2 Detla 400 MHz FSB motherboard" I was buying from them at the same time and I was assured it would work. Today, I tried to return the memory and they charged me a 20% restocking fee because they "never guarantee any memory will work in a specific motherboard, they leave this up to the customer to determine if it is the right memory". The salesman Oscar said that these sticks have worked in MSI mobo's for over a year (MSI 400 MHZ FSB motherboards have only been sold in that store for two months, but nevermind that), but when testing them today had to agree that only one out of three sticks he had would even post at 333 MHz when using the MSI K7N2 motherboard.

Arrggg... They got me. They are back peddling to keep that 40 dollar restocking fee. Last mobo or memory I will ever buy from them.

Here is the manufacture name: Packaged by SimpleTech P/N: SVM-DDR3200/512 512MB 64X64/PC3200 DDR 184P DIMM

There is another label on the stick that says: PC 400 512MB 32*8 22D3627011B3614C1. The memory chips themselves are made by Infineon: P/N: HYB25D256800BT-5 C2 SVV52146


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Sep 20, 2003
I ordered 2 X 256 of PC3200 400 MHz guaranteed to work DDR memory for my K7N2 mobo from Crucial PN C53264Z40B.8T and my mobo is now woking great at 2.1 GHz. My 260 dollar AMD K7 3000+ with 400 FSB gave me a excellent score of 16767 with MadOnions 3DMark2001 using standard settings and a ATI Radeon 9800 Pro video card. 3Dmark2003 gave me a score of close to 5500


recently I upgraded my Samsung PC2700 512MB x2 for Kingstom Hyper X PC3200 512MB x2 (KHX3200K2/1GB Kit)
my com is beeping and not booting up!

I'm using K7N2-L motherboard


MSI K7N2 Delta-L nForce2
Athalon XP 2500+ (Box fan/heatsink)
1x Kingston (ValueRam) KVR33X64C25/512
Enermax PSU 430W

System was stable for the first few days (RAM in DDR 1). Woke up this morning with beeping error and memory light (2 i think) on D-Bracket stuck green. Changed RAM to DDR 2 just for kicks and it rebooted fine with no problem. I have no confidence in this though.



I have the k7N2G Delta-L And i am using to 256m sticks of Kingston HyperX pc3200 DDR400. I havent had any problems. This is my first build though. I read the warning about my post being deleted. I am a newb I tried to overclock with it and that is when i ran into a problem. It runs fine at 166mhz and i have it running now at about 185. I cant go any higher though or my system locks i get the warning beep, have to shut it down. and have to clear the cmos to reboot it.
I am just experimenting with it. I want to get a chip with 400 fsb 3200+ to see if i have problems with it running at 200 mhz. I hope i know enough about what i am talkin about not to get deleted.


I am posting to share what has been my experience with kingston 256mb pc2100 valueram in a K7N2 Delta-L. All dimms hereto mentioned are 256mb in size. I'm too cheap I guess to buy a pair of 512mb dimms.

Using Hynix chips - works
Using Infineon chips - works
Using Micron chips - works
Using some unknown generic, maybe kingston chips - didn't even bother to try

I've run a pair of kingston value ram dimms using hynix chips in dual channel mode (I've an athlon xp2400+) for months, works like a charm. This ram is slated for my sister's xmas pc build, in which I'll be using another k7n2 delta like mine with another 2400+, so I put it thru an extended field test ahead of time :)

Right now I am running a kingston/infineon dimm with a kingston/micron dimm in the dual channel slots, passes memtest86 with no errors and I let it run for 4 hours. Gonna see how it works over the course of a month or so of my typical use and gaming.

I only mention this, because after I first ordered this board from newegg back in May, I remember reading horror stories from some folks here or elsewhere about my MSI board, and I wondered if I had made a good choice. Yet I've had nary a problem with it, save for the initial old bios reporting really high cpu temps. Some of the mods often stress to use mushkin high performance black, and for high end scenarios I don't doubt this nor do I mean any disrespect. Myself, I don't overclock, the last thing I overclocked was a k6-166 to 200mhz. The extra performance from slightly more aggressive mem timings isn't worth it, to me that is, I'd rather buy a faster card to replace my msi gf4 ti4200 vivo card with the money I saved ;)

Considering I typically get the above mentioned ram at officemax for anywhere from $0.00 to $9.99 after rebate, such a price for a 256mb dimm that works FINE, even in dual channel mode, can't be beat, especially for us budget builders. Again, if ya stick with hynix, micron, or infineon based kingston ram, and all of those are good name chips, this board seems to take whatever I throw at it. I've used boards from asus, epox, abit, dfi, and so on over the years, and my MSI board has been the easiest board to tame and settle down. EVER!

Sorry if this is too long...


I'm using Samsung Lifetime PC2700 (2 x 512, made by Micron Technologies) RAM in dual channel mode on my K7N2L. I haven't had any problems running at 166fsb.
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