Good Memory Choices for ALL K7N2 nF2 released boards

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Im using 2x256 sticks of K-Byte PC2700 in Dual channel mode on a K7N2-Delta-L. No problems yet. This is retail ram from Office Depot.

Edit- I have set this ram to 6-2-2-2CL and its running perfectly at default voltage. Thats pretty good for Office Depot ram huh?

I can even run it in 5-2-2-2CL but it seems im getting lower scores in Sandra memory test so its back at 6-2-2-2CL.

Mr. Wizard

Here's my new set up & its been running great for over two weeks:

K7N2 delta -L
AMD XP3000+ (not OC'd, but Mobo set to High performance)
2 sticks of 512 (geil) DDR400 / PC 3200 in slots 1 & 3
Geforce Ti 4200 (with dual 19" Samsung SyncMaster 191T flat screens)
Maxtor serial raid hard drive (80 gig) using the WinXP promise FastTrak controller
Ultra160 SCSI card (for a Benchmark - DLTVS80 tape back up)
LiteOn 52x24x52 CD/RW
Toshiba DVD/CD
Using on board audio w/ creative speakers
Using the on board 10/100 , with a T1 connection
ATX 400W power supply



Edit: I forgot to list, the OS is XP pro Sp1


Well I have to update the info on my Winbond PC3200 512 Cas 2 Dual Channel.

While it did work I had to lower the timing from factory specs 6 2 2 2 to 8 4 4 2.5 to get it stable during some games and Benchmark tests.

During CPU intense use the computer would reboot so I ran Memtest86.

It showed an error so contacted Hardcore Cooling and explained what was going on with the ram.

They informed me that if the ram chips had been Winbond BH-5 that it would of worked. CH-5 is the chips that Winbond is selling now as they have quit making the BH-5 chips. But he also said that Winbond was again making the BH-5 chips for a limited run, but they where not mounting any on 512 MB ram boards. They where only going to make 256 MB ram boards with the BH-5 chips.

I also found that Muskin uses the BH-5 Winbond chips on there Level 2 ram sets.

Level 1 uses CH-5 Winbond chips and Muskin says that the BH-5 Level 2 ram is better at overclocking.

OCZ also uses the BH-5 on there Platinum series of ram sets.

My memory is being RMA and am up in the air as to what to get as I have had so much troble with this computer and the MSI boards.

I have had to RMA the first motherboard, the processor and now the ram, I know that the problems where mostly to do with the Nvidia chip set and it looks as though Nvidia released it before it was fixed.

The dual channel ram on AMD boards are only a little faster than the VIA single channel 8% compaired to 30 % on the Intel boards. Most of this is do to the wider bandwith of the 800 FSB as the 400 FSB has hit its limit at 7.8.


I have installed 2 X 512 OCZ DDR400 PC-3200 Dual Channel Optimized EL (Enhanced Latency)Platinum Edition Memory, Model OCZ400102ELDCPE-K Retail Kit. Its timing is 5 3 2 2 at 2.6 volts. I was told by OCZ tech that I could run up to 2.8 volts on this ram with out any problems.

I have run Benchmark tests with the ram set as advertized with out any crashes.
I have since lowered the T-RAS as that gets better benchmarks so am running at
9 3 2 2.

This ram was a replacement for Winbond 2-512 Daul Channel PC-3200 DDR400 which was addvertized to run 6 2 2 2 but the best I could get it to do in Dual Channel was 7 4 4 2.5 and still had some game and Benchmark crashing.

Note: I have sincee read that Nvidia Dual Channel ram gets much better benchmarks with T-RAS set at 10 or 11. I am going to test this myself.

Gene L.

Memory choice appears to be a crapshoot with the K7N2GM. I can't believe that the PC industry hasn't yet figured out how to make things compatible.

Tried 2 sticks of cheap Kreton 256Mb PC3200 and am unable to run reliably at any FSB speed from 100 to 166. I have 2 512Mb Geil Golden Dragons on order and hope those work. Geil claims that their premium memory is NF2 approved, but I don't find anyone else backing up that claim.

XP2600+ Barton
2-512MB DDR400 (PC3200) Geil Golden Dragon (maybe)
400 W PS
Maxtor 100ATA 40 gig
XP Pro SP1


They are the generic sticks rather than the branded Twister versions. They run fine@333, even with more agressive timings (Cas 2, 3, 3, 5) than the 2.5. 3, 3, 6 recommended, but won't get through Memtest 86 at 400 FSB with any timings I've tried and believe me I've tried many. I'm on the latest bios.

Memory modules are marked MTec 03390 TTD/608F 8E500

The sticks themselves are labeled:
Model: M2G9 J16A-MK

Seems these sticks come in at least 3 different flavours of memory modules:
MTec (what I have)

See what is available at a wholesale supplier in UK (use guest account option).

I have read that they may also come with Winbond modules (NVidia compatibilty listings)

As many have observed, this compatibility issue really is tedious.

I do note that the OCZ Platinum 3200 series does work with 2x512 @400 FSB with tight timings. These are available from Overclockers UK, but are not cheap.

This maybe the Way to Go.


Exchanged my TwinMOS PC3200 (with MTec chips) for this No Brand memory that uses the chips below, and pleased to find it works at 400 FSB. TwinMOS stuff only ran at 333.

2xGeneric 512 Mb PC3200 (Samsung KWH560838D-TCC4 chips) CL2.5 (Dual Channel).

With generic RAM it's a bit of a lottery because you don't know exactly what you're getting .


My local independant store. Not usually as cheap as online, but they will address your specific issues, and in my experience resolve them. With the big boys you're on your own except for forums like this one.



I'm 0-for-2 on Kingston Value RAM.

I had one 512MB PC3200 and after that failed, I tried a PC2100 from my other machine (which works on that box), and that also failed.

My other stick of memory was a Crucial 256 PC2100, and that worked just fine (but 256's don't seem to be having many problems, I garner). I actually bought the Kingston stick when I had a Crucial stick fail and was waiting for the replacement to be shipped to me.

The odd thing is that the power-on memory test fails (long beeps from speaker) even with the working Crucial memory installed in the first slot. I was under the impression that was only supposed to happen if there was no memory installed at all.


I guess I'm lucky. I've never had a prob with my combo of K-Byte and Kingston, but then, I had no choice. Doesn't OC worth a damn, but then, it's not supposed to.


i didnt want to pay the big bucks for the big name brand memory so i thought i would gamble and bought 2 512mb pc3200 sticks of elixer of ebay for $132. works great running duel channel with FSB/DRAM Ratio set 1:1 :biggrin:

Ares Draken

K7N2 Ultra Delta-L
Kingston hyper X (W/ Alum. HS) Dual Ch. Kit 2 512Mb Dimms 184 Pin
7-3-3-2 @166 High Preformence
works grate. accauly everything loads faster! grate investment, only $139.00 Retail.


I have been using 2 x 512Mb PC2700 Samsung Original (i.e. Samsung Brand and Samsung chips) for several months and it works fine, this is the RAM which is on the Nvidia apparoved list (made sure by the chip codes), but it doesn't appear to be on your list, thought you may want to add it.


I have now Upgraded from

Corsair 1x512MB CMX512-3200LL Delta-ILSR 7-2-2-2


Corsair 2x512MB CMX512-3200LL Delta-ILSR 7-2-2-2 DUAL CHANNEL MODE
and now using BIOS 7.6

All I did was buy a 2nd matching stick and all is working better than ever and a nice pick-up in speed.


Just for the record, I have 2 dimms of 512mb PC2700 DDR333 of Avant memory, serial numer AVM6464U52C3400K4-A (I cant find this code in the internet, and the pc identifies it as PC3200), the chip makers are Avant themselves and the code is S80064VMTW-GX. The system boots but once you give the mem some work it reboots due to pagination problems and lost/corrupted buffers. memtest86 shows problem while putting the memory in extreme stress, it looks like it corrupts the data at that point.

The incompatibility problem goes only with this motherboard because I have tried in some other ones and they work fine.

Currently I am using two sticks of 128mb Samsung PC2100 RAM that I borrowed from a friend until I get a refund for these or buy new ones.


right now i am using 2 sticks of pqi 512mb. i don't have problems at all...
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