Good Memory Choices for ALL K7N2 nF2 released boards

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I have previously used a 400 DDR 512Mb stick SEITEC and did work but doing some weird things. Then suddenly (3 months) just failed. Changed for a new one and it was not working at all. :nooo:
Now using two kingston modules using dual channel down to 333 PC2700, and working 100% stable. :-)) with good performance.


Im using Giel Ultra Platinum PC3500 @ 200, 2.7V and it works perfectly.


well..i got linked to this page by Raven cuz i was looking for some better ram then what i have...and come to find out kingston has issues with MSI boards..which is wierd..i only bought what i did cuz MSI's site recommended it(and only kingston)..the only reason i even looked was because ive had issues with previous boards in the past with certain types of ram..and i wanted to avoid that again..but i have to say...i havent had a single issue with my Value Ram. so i guess im lucky...but i wont buy it again when i upgrade to pc3200 .thx for all the help ppl..Kuddos to you Raven :biggthumbsup:


Another RAM report: don't use the Kingston KVR400X64C3A/512 modules that have the "Elpida" chips on them. These generate random errors at 400 FSB, although they do seem to work OK if you step them down to 333. Current working settings are:

AMD AthlonXP 3200+
2 x KVR400X64C3A/512 Modules

CPU FSB Clock 200
FSB/DRAM Ratio 6/5
DRAM Clock 166
T-RP 3
CAS Latency 3

Not as pretty or as fast as it should be, but it is finally stable.


Well, check my sig. Rock stable. Switched over to a 512mb x2 HyperX PC3200-AK2 dual channel kit.

Lots of problems. HyperX currently on RMA. Partial/no POSTs, locking up, corrupting Windows. Increased timings to 2-3-3-7, 2.7V @ 400 DDR (using a 2:3 divider, so all was running stock, even processor, just to check). Still got errors in memtest86, regardless of slot combination. Dropped to 266DDR on the ram, same timings, memtest ran for an hour no problems.

For now, I'll have to say "NO" until I receive my RMA and can say otherwise. I really hope it isn't the ram, it's so beautiful... :(

According to this list: , I should have CH5 chips on the ram...

Annoying, that Kingston's premium ram won't even work. I was very angry to find out it didn't work. Two weeks have passed since the bill's showed up on my Visa for 400CAD (about), and I have nothing to show for it.


Ok, been reading up a bit. Apparently, timings are now 2.5-3-3-8 for a 400FSB (DDR). They can only do 2-3-2-6 1T for 333 DDR @ 2.6V. I absolutely REFUSE to have paid an extra 150 dollars over generic for pretty much nothing in return, cept for heatspreaders (which are sually like ten bucks seperate, anyways). I have nearly no hope now for a "good" RMA, I expect to be DEMANDING a FULL refund from the supplier (, shipping too. They have failed to meet their advertised specifications, even Kingston's spec sheets still state 2-3-2-6 1T at the (assumed) stock speed of PC3200.

Shame on you, Kingston. o_0 :biggthumbsdown: :nono:


Kingston HyperX PC3200 512mb x2 kit is an absolute FAIL after trying again with the RMA. Best I got out if it was 2-3-3-8 @ 2.7Vdimm, at least at PC3200 speed. I know it's astonishing to have kingston ram work on my mobo, but god dam, I paid an extra hundred bucks for SOMETHING.

SO 2500+M and 512mbx2 Samsung PC3200 should do me nicely, unless someone says otherwise... ;)


guess that would explain why Kingston has never answerd my emials regaurding thier ram on a K7N2 Delta....i dont have any issues with what i run now...but it seems the higher end stuff wont run...i emailed both them and Mushkin a month ago about what would run in pc3200 form...Mushkin answerd me in 2 days with a list...Kingston never replied o_0...take a guess who im going with? :)


Using one stick of Kingston KVR400X64C3A/512 on a K7N2GM-L board, works fine. Tested for about six hours using Memtest86+. Went through 22 passes, NO errors. Works great. Might as well add it to the list. :D


Kingston sucks with Nforce, I have learned this myself! I went for cheapest ram and now have been with out my comp for month! save the time and money and buy the " Mushkin 512MB PC3200 L2/V2 184 DIMM DRR " I am finding it works and its expensive! But if you have the K7N2 you already know your going to have to spend some money!


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Feb 26, 2003
Hi I recently was asking about OCZ Premier Modules and my K7N2-L Board , but seems its not so widely used , this is how its listed

OCZ Premier (OCZ400512PH) 512MB DDR400 PC3200 CL2.5 with Copper Heatspreader (LIFETIME WARRANTY)

Ok I know have my Ram Onboard , I am running 1:1 cpu ratio @ 200FSB my Cpu Xp2500@ is wuite happy chugging along as a XP3200 , and I have had no crashes with the ram as of yet , I have run Appx 12 3Dmark 03 Benchies of which 8 of them have been run with my Radeon O/Ced .. I have also Played Doom3 for Appx 3 hours no problems ..

ok the few problems I came across :-

1: when I replaced my Kingston Hyper X 2700 with the OCZ my Pc would post or Beep at all , the only action I got was my Gamepad was rumbling violent , So I put my HyperX back in and change my Fsb to 100 and turnt Hi Performance of and also selceted 1:1 ratio , then replaced the OCZ and it posted , I went back to the bios and change FSB to 200 and again kept 1:1 cpu to ram ratio, She then posted first time ..

2: After running Doom3 for about 10 minutes and running 2 3dmarks 03 , I decide to change my setting from SPD to Manual and selected Cas 2.0 , PC booted into WinXP pro with no problems when I ran Doom Again after a few secounds I encountered a few Demons my system Hung and I got a report this error thingy :bonk: or whatever it is called , I didnt actually change any voltages or owt just raised the Cas 2.0 from the stock 2.5 ..

So im happy that so far my Ram :-OCZ Premier (OCZ400512PH) 512MB DDR400 PC3200 CL2.5 with Copper Heatspreader (LIFETIME WARRANTY) is compatable with My K7N2-L "latest Bios" MainBoard ..

I would also like to mention that my Hyper X worked fine it was Kingston HyperX PC 2700 333Mhz Cas 2.0 I had three modules of 256 and they worked fine together I never had a Ram related problem in the Year or so It was in my machine .. And they were all bought seperate no matched pairs.. Hope this will help some one else ..


Msi and nVidia have a "Tested Memory Module List" but they only show the memory that WORKS, they don't show the memory that DOESN'T WORKS... I know it's bad for business...

I have a K7N2 delta ilsr and I've tested this modules at 200fsb and none of them worked:

Kingston PC3200 512MB CL3 kvr400x64c3a/512, Elpida chips
--Funny but with this one i only get a POST after a few reboots! after that, no memtest errors and windows is fine. I didn't tested it @166...

Twinmos PC3200 2x512MB CL2.5, PSC chips
--It's OK @166, @200 boots after a few tries but memtest reports +14000 errors on test 5 and windows crashes, my raid0 went off-line - big trouble.

Elixir PC3200 512MB CL3, Elixir chips
--Well i thought "maybe this board likes crappy memory so..." No POST at all.

Besides those, i've tested other two @166, one SEITEC PC2700 (don't remember the chips brand) - witch was the ONLY one that worked as it suposed to and other different twinmos (didn't work at all). Today i'm going to get OCZ Premier 512MB CL2.5.... And thats it... If It won't works I'll just RMA the board (maybe i should have done it two or three stiks ago).

I?m tired of this.... There is no guarantee that one particular model works, because they use all kind of chips even in the modules with the same part number. If the kingston I've tested had winbond chips, maybe the result was different, I don't know. My board's manual says it supports PC3200 DDR, it doesn't say that it supports SOME PC3200 DDR memory. Maybe next time I'll just go for Intel, Asus, Abit and stay away from nvidia chipsets, but hey! this is a lottery!.... Oh, I forgot, this is my second board, the first didn't work well with 4x AGP MSI tested cards, an Asus one....


I bought some Mushkin Blue line pc3200 (2x512)...runs perfect...bought it the same time i got my xp3200.....very impressed with it..and it looks good too :biggthumbsup:


After all my posts in the VGA help forum I should have come here first.

My specs are below and I'm running Kingston KVR400X64C3AK2/1G which is the 2x512Mb Kit and by the posts that I've read it looks like its my memory thats causing all these random reboots and BSOD messages.

I just purchased a mobo/cpu/ram/graphics card all at once thinking everything would be compatible.

EDIT: Running Dual Channel @ 333Mhz for stable system. @400Mhz, random BSOD.
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