Good service like a Christmas Gift from MSI Canada.


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Oct 28, 2012

Do you remember 3 weeks ago I told you that my MSI BIG BANG XPOWER II was defective she refused to post in quad channel. Finally I discovered that a pin or two which was above another one or was missing or was defective in the CPU socket.  :help:

I was afraid like many said me here " Fingers crossed for you" about the possibility that MSI would refuse to repair it on warranty.

So I ask for a RMA and I returned it to the MSi and my first surprise when requesting the RMA the MSI website gives me a new address in Ontario Canada instead California in USA.

This was easier for me, so no custom paper and process and less postage fee to return it $ 14 instead of $ 38.

Therefore I returned the motherboard only in a blank box (no accessories and no original box) November 14.

And then . . . tic tac tic tac waiting and crossing my fingers!

On the MSI site I was able to monitor my RMA STATUS and during two weeks I see it at the same stage that my hardware was received and it was in Processing.

Then yesterday I saw that my RAM moved to stage SHIPPED. What that mean ??? return repaired or not

And surprise Purolator was at my door the morning after very early at 7:15 before I left for work.

He had a big box for me .... I opened the cover with the bill of lading and there it was a bill of lading written my RMA number, the serial number and the word SWAPPED.

I open the big box and surprise they sent me a brand new MOBO in the original box sealed with all the accessories and wires. I have now 2 original box  and a lot of cable.

I must say I'm very surprised, so MSI CANADA gave me an excellent service.  at the high of the product.

If it had been an ASUS mobo they would have taken at least 8-10 weeks of waiting to be said sorry but.......... I know them I had 2 very bad experience in the past with ASUS, their service is slow and not very user friendly that's why this time I choose another big brand like MSI

I am very happy with MSI CANADA warranty service so far.

So now it?s TAKE 2 to reassembly the PC

Greetings to all  :lookandok:


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Mar 14, 2012
Thanks for reporting back!

Enjoy your new system.