GP62 7RD - First Few Days


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Feb 14, 2018
After my 6 year old Macbook pro died on me the hunt was on for a new laptop. Macbooks with the specs i was after were out of budget and MSI was a brand that stood out on reviews for decent quality and performance at an affordable price so started the search there.
Basic requirements were maximum of ?800, SSD, good performance processor and graphics card for casual gaming, 3D CAD and rendering. Back-light keyboard, number pad and large storage drive were a bonus. What I found was a GP62 7RD with Core I5, GTX 1050, 128GB SSd, 1TB HDD and 8GB RAM. All boxes ticked and for ?760 with the gift pack of mouse, mouse mat and bag. Reviews of it were good so ordered and got a 3rd party 3 year warranty with it for ?60.
Had it almost a week now and so far not been disappointed. Has been brilliant for the CAD and rendering I've done on it (comparison was my old work dell with a 2014 I7 and integrated graphics so something would be very wrong if it wasn't much better!). Not played any particularly demanding games so far but they ones I've tried have been brilliant, will report back once Xbox is sold as this will be replacing that as well. Screen is bright and clear, sound is nothing special but more than adequate. Keyboard is one of the best I've used on a laptop but comparison is work dells and a 2012 Macbook so there is probably better out there, however for what I paid I am very happy.
Now for the bad parts; battery life is shocking but Macbooks were always very good at this so could be I'm just a bit spoiled on that front. Same goes for the trackpad, Apple trackpads are so much better that any windows laptop I've come across but as this is common knowledge this wasn't a disappointment (the free mouse and mouse mat in the gift pack has gone a long way to helping me avoid missing the Apple Track pad).
Future plans for this is potentially a bigger capacity battery (not sure of availability on this as not looked into it) and upgrade to 16GB RAM although there is no access to the back without voiding warranty and so will need to look into this at some point.
Will update with further views in future if remember / anyone is interested.