GPU no output and fans max speed

Jan 13, 2021
Hi all,
At random times my GTX 1660 Super OC will give no output to either of my monitors, and its fans will spin up to max speed. This is only fixed by hitting the restart button on my case.
I can tell the rest of the PC is still functioning as I can still hear game sounds, music, or discord calls until I restart my pc.
The temps in all monitoring software never go above 60 degrees centigrade even while gaming at pretty much max capacity as I have pretty good cooling, and the temp sits at around 35 degrees while idling.
The fault can happen at any time, whether I've just booted the PC, it's been idling for 2 hours, or I'm halfway through a game. IT can happen either 20 times a day or not at all for 3 days.
I've contacted MSI support but every communication takes 2 or 3 days, and it's taken them a week to establish I'm competent enough to reinstall/rollback/update drivers and reinstall windows.
I've seen on a few forum posts from around 3+ years ago that there was a lot of very shoddy thermal paste application that could be causing an issue, however, I've had the card for less than 5 months and I don't particularly want to go about pulling the card to bits and risk invalidating my warranty.
Has anyone got any advice?
Rich :)