GPU Thermal Pad Information

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Sep 11, 2020
If you need Thermal pad Information we need information from you first.
Check the Links below first We will be adding to this database as we get more GPU Thermal pad Information.

Select your GPU Series
Click on the Link Below

Nvidia 20XX series
Nvidia 30XX series
AMD GPU Collection
To assist you we need the correct Information.
We Need the model number and Serial number,

This is needed for the correct information for Thermal Pads thickness as sometimes the same model will have a different heat sink and different Thermal Pad sizes.
There is NO Guarantee we can get or find the information for your GPU
Careful taking apart the GPU and Measuring the pads is your best bet for the correct size
You also have the option of using a Thermal Paste Like K5 From eBay or Amazon or a Thermal Putty.
See link
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Thermal Putty

Please create a NEW Topic with your Request and Details of your GPU

CLEAR photo of this barcode would be best
Just cover up the CHK number. and the last six digits of the serial number.
gpu serial.jpg

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