Graphics card "disappeared"


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Oct 1, 2016
Yesterday my game crashed twice for no obvious reason. I rebooted and after a little while it happened again. Since then I could not use my second monitor (HDMI port), and then the NVIDIA GPU driver became no longer listed. When trying to download the newest version I get the same two error messages: "This NVIDIA graphics driver is not compatible with this version of Windows", and "This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware". I've tried downloading the newest versions, and the ones from the MSI website, but no luck. I've also gone back to the previous version of windows to see if that helps. My system: MSI GS 73VR 6RF Stealth Pro I followed steps advised to someone else on the NVIDIA forums, using the MSI support and drivers from the website: 64

I followed his instructions to the T; including downloading drivers specifically meant for my laptop and DDU version specified, going offline, uninstalling drivers, rebooting in safe mode, installing above mentioned drivers in the correct order and when getting to the second last step: install the NVIDIA vda I only got one error message: "The graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware." I then followed instructions given about changing/adding my hardware ID to the .inf files. I could not find the NVIDIA one, since it totally went missing from my system, so tried to use the INTEL one (PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_191B&SUBSYS_11AC1462) - also did not work, and then trying to change it to an NVIDIA code (PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_191B&SUBSYS_11AC1462) - in other words, just changed the 8086 to 10DE. This did not work either.

After 20 hours spent on this, I got desperate and reïnstalled my whole computer. Even this did not work. I am tired, and frustrated and need help. Anyone out there able to help me?


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Jun 22, 2018
screen from gpu-z GPU tab

correct driver mod guide-optional

drivers DCH or STANDARD ??? ddu full clean"ddu -all option for nvidia" --install DCH for optimus / igpu
d-gpu -native only NVIDIA DRIVER "DCH or standard" STANDARD --better for me
,.,.any this problem --defect on GPU "vbios or HW defect"
send gpu-z screen first

drivers --optimus --DCH
or d-gpu only NVIDIA DRIVER DCH//standard