Grinding and clicking noise. PLEASE HELPPPP😭


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Jun 7, 2023

Please help with the below issue I use my laptop for work and gaming but mainly work and I’m freaking out.

When I turned my laptop on, it started making a really loud ‘grinding/wiring’ noise that lasted a few seconds and repeated a few times. Thereafter I logged in and my laptop was then making a clicking sound (approx 3 clicks) and continuously repeating with a few seconds intervals. Take note that my laptop seemed fine, didn’t lagged at all and was functioning as normal. I then opened up task manager to see the status my hdd and after like 30 seconds the grinding sound reappeared but in a much more aggressive and non stop way. I then proceeded to shut off the laptop as I was scared of causing further damage. I did record a voice note of the sounds but I can’t seem to figure how to upload the voice note on to this forum.

Please help :(
Mar 19, 2022
If you have a mechanical HDD, it could be making the noise...... Or, more likely, there is an issue with your cooling fan(s) - either it is defective or something is obstructing it from rotating...

Downey Rob

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Jan 4, 2023
You can upload the video to google drive and share the link.
Before determining the issue, you need to let us know where you hear the noise(Fan, speaker, HDD, SSD, motherboard...).
You have to narrow it down.