GS73VR 6RF Stealth Pro


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Sep 10, 2017
Unboxing my new Laptop :) Wuuujjuuu :D :) !!!
I'm so exited about it :)

The box is so cool :cool:  XD
The dragon mascot is so epic.
The box is so well protected.

I'm new with MSI products :) Hi! :)

Someone knows Best Practices to take care my new laptop?
 - Something like not burn it XD, it says that has the Cooler Boost Trinity but still get hot,  I just want to take care of it.
 - Or hours that could be continuously on.
 - How to clean the keyboard, the screen, the laptop surface?

Somebody knows why it says 6RF? but is a GS73VR, and in the catalogue I only found 7RF.

Is my first gaming laptop :)
Which games did you recommend? :)
I love to play but I have a lot of time of not doing it, until now I get a powerful laptop XD

I installed Linux jajaj :)
- I will do a lot of Deep Learning jajaja, someone knows if the Cooler Boost Trinity works fine in Linux? I don't want to burn my new laptop XD
- How I can control my laptop keyboard leds on linux? Besides the NodeJS module.
- Someone knows How I can configure the SABRE HiFi ESS Hi-Res Audio on Linux?
- Someone kwows how to configure the HDMI drivers on linux?

I love that the Keyboard has Lights Jajajajaja
My favorite configuration is Music and Wave ( blue , cyan , green )
How a can do other configurations? Is possible to control each key with a different color?
I tried the MSI Dragon Dashboard to use the led keyboard controller on my phone, but the app doesn't find the laptop, I tried specifying the IP but still not works.

I love that is so lightweight, and with a big screen, has three USB 3.0 ports and one normal, one Thunderbolt port, one HDMI port, SD port, and other two that I don't know what is XD

And with accessories, someone knows what are the best accesories for the msi laptops?
- Like Gaming Mouse
- Or Gaming Headphones, I already get some bluethoot that are pretty cool. (Has lights)
- Is there a MSI Backpack?

Someone knows how I can get the promo code of the NVIDIA Rocket League Bundle?

Wish me luck :)