GT780DX help with boot


New member
Feb 2, 2012
Hey so the other day i plugged my zboard in for fun and my computer started blue screening on boot so i ran the recovery option on boot. now it blue screens all the time and wont boot says i need to insert the disk.

So heres my problem. i have a regular windows 7 home edition disk but cant find the one MSI sent in the box. It wont let me do a fresh install without going to a blue screen or some other form of error screen. So should I do what? Should I delete all the partitions including the one for the BIOS and the one for the System files? If I do how could I get it back to where it was when I first got it? Ive had it roughly a month now and would like to get this fixed if possible. If I need to I can return it to where I got it while its under warranty and just have them work with it Im just not sure what to do besides wiping everything and hoping that that will work.