GT80S 6QE Heroes of the Storm special edition unboxing


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Mar 26, 2015
I believe if you are interested in gaming laptops, you will be familiar with MSI GT80.
This model was launched in mid-2015, and it did create a lot of noise because it was the world?s first gaming laptop equipped with a mechanical keyboard.
GT80 right now is still the only gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboard in the market.
Besides, GT80?s performance, features, and price make it became an extremely top one model for every gamer.
When GT80 was launched, I considered having one for myself. However, there was no specific point to persuade me to get it in.
Finally, MSI launched GT80S Heroes of the Storm limited edition, and it makes me decided to choose it as my next gaming laptop.(My previous one is MSI GS60.)
To be honest, I am a big Blizzard fan. When I was a child, Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo played very important roles in my life.
At that period, my parents would sometimes come to my room and unplug my PC, because I played too much.
MSI combine my familiar characters and my top one gaming laptop became my final touch of selection.

Outer box:

CPU: Intel Core i7-6820HK
GPU: Nvidia GTX980M SLI
HDD: 256G SSD + 1TB 7200RPM

RAM: 32G (8G*4) DDR4

A-side (It is laser engraving, and the texture looks very delicate.)

I/O Port:

Main I/O Ports are on the left hand side. For left to right, Sabre Hifi Audio DAC, 3 USB 3.0 ports, SPDIF output port, 3.5mm audio jacks (Headphone and microphone)?

Back side: Mini display port, Thunder Bolt3, and HDMI port

Switch on:

Decoration cover (Because of its mechanical keyboard, the inside of GT80 is different from other NBs. If you open it you can see HDD, SSD and memory.)

SuperRaid4 read/write speed:
(SuperRaid is one of MSI?s exclusive gaming features.
After SSD?s vendor came out PECI Gen3x4 SSD, the performance for SuperRaid has been increased to more than 3 GB/sec)

HDD read/write speed: (Normal 7200 RPM HDD):

Steelseries mechanical keyboard:
With Cherry brown switch, the feedback and sound are medium.
Mechanical keyboard can provide a much better user experience than membrane not only for typing but gaming.

Dynaudio speaker: General speaking, notebook speakers can?t sound good because of the limitation of space.
However, GT80 is with 4 monomers and one woofer. Therefore, the performance of the sound can be amazing even you don?t use additional speakers.

ESS Sabre Hifi Audio DAC:
In fact, Dynaudio speakers would be a standard feature for MSI?s gaming laptop.
For Skylake platform, MSI features ESS Sabre Hifi Audio DAC in its high-end model in order to raise quality of the sound from your headphone.
The purpose of this DAC is to emphasize the details in the music (Treble, bass, space, position?etc.
Of course, if your music is a lossless format like FLAC and you have a good headphone, you can feel the difference more between with and without this DAC.

Headphone: Sennheiser  IE80

I used Adele?s One and only to test the effect of the DAC. The difference is very notable!
Even my ears are not very sensitive about high end music; I can totally feel the difference.
The treble becomes brighter, and the bass becomes deeper in the music. You also can easily identify the performance from each different instrument.
However, everyone?s preference and feeling of sound is different, so if you are interested in this feature, I would like to suggest you visit MSI?s local resellers and have a try.
Some people might be curious about will this DAC work if I use speakers?
From my point of view, after testing by my speaker (B&W MM-1), the answer is ?no?(Maybe the difference is not significant.).

Snap shot for some games:

Heroes of the storm:

Diable III

Tomb Raider Rise (Average FPS 40~50):

To sum up, after getting my GT80, I can say this model can run every game in the market very smoothly after turning on all in game special effects.
If GT80 can?t run the game smoothly, it should be the game?s problem, please wait for patch :)
Maybe some people will say we don?t know how long Heroes of the Storm will be popular. The limited edition can be old fashion in the future.
For me, the reason I bought this model was not only for its extreme performance but for the memory that Blizzard characters gave me. Maybe, Heroes of the Storm will fade out, and GTX980M SLI will not be the top high end graphic card because of the time. I do believe my memory about Blizzard games and characters will not fade.
In the future, if my GT80 become out of date, I can use it as a collection for my living room or reading room.
Every time when I see GT80, it will make me remember the time that I ever had with these characters.


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Feb 15, 2017
Hardcore gaming notebook,,hope one can have one like this,,and play all my favorite game