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Sep 17, 2016
Hi everybody

A while back I was facing crashes in every single game just about I played (2 out of 9 I could play). I sent it off for RMA and it came back with a different vbios which sorted the problem out completely, but the card was locked at 1445mhz (certainly not what you expect from a ?2.5k laptop).

Days later it just stopped working, so I had no display whatsoever on the dedicated GPU. And once again it went in for RMA. It's now been away for nearly 3 weeks. So far its been away for repairs for 5 weeks of this year!!

Granted my previous post landed up with me really complaining alot, but seriously YOU WOULD ALSO!!! To cut the story really short, I had the repair horror happen!

Since my original post many had joined it to say about the exact same thing happening to them, but not just the GT73vr 6re, it was happening with other GTvr series laptops as well with a gtx1070 card.

Now I get MSI customer service is rubbish, that's why they have this forum. And believe it or not there are some very experienced people on here (not me I'm useless practically) that can help you sort out your problems. But/and due to my post and then other posts being created all around the vbios update (THAT STOPS ALL CRASHES), people were finally not crashing any more. And MSI have now deleted all them topics it seems, bad for business maybe? Maybe, but it's also disgusting you are making yourself just look better by deleting them posts (so no new customers will see) when alot of people are experiencing these problems with gtx1070s.

So my question? Why have you deleted mine and I believe 2/3 other posts all about the same thing? If you can speed the time on deleting them(mine i can understand it landed up having alot of censored bits in it) and other posts, maybe you also need to have a good read of them rather than deleting them or getting them buried?

For all you that joined my previous post and vbios ones from others, ty for all your input and sharing of that vbios, that got some people a full on solution until a better one comes out with full clocks speeds, rather than 1445mhz.

So from everything that has happened and now MSI actually deleting posts that helped others. Please guys don't waste your time buying MSI if it has a gtx1070, just don't.

When I get my laptop back I'm selling it, I'll take the loss and buy an ASUS. Simple!



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Feb 1, 2017
Had 2 laptops, both had constant stuttering in games and the black screen crashing

Sent the second one back and waiting on my refund

This post will probably be deleted to be honest, but anyone looking to buy one of these machines seriously needs to think twice/wait until MSI get there act together

i know people who's machines work etc (and yes, i know its probably not every machine) will probably disagree

But trust me, iv never been more dissapointed with a purchase in my life. Shocking customer service, having to basically hack the machine/mess about soooo much just to play a game, ridiculous

My first proper pc gaming machine upgrade for agesss and u know what, i literally thought forget this, it aint worth it

Since realised its literally MSI's crappy machines/drivers fault and ill never buy from this company again!!

Asus seem the way to go, now in the process of buying a desktop, its put me off laptops for life lol

My 6 year Alienware with a GT650m runs counter strike better than the GTX1070VR 6RE, imbarrassing lol


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Jan 24, 2017
Try this out