GTX 1060 Gaming 6Gb [non X-edition] Unboxing


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Jul 20, 2016
Hello everyone.
I just wanted to post the graphics card I just got today.
I paid $280 USD for this card (tax+shipping included), I bought it the 2nd day it came out, but I just received today because I'm not living in the US, so I sent it to a friend (from newegg), and he brought it to me.
I live in mexico btw adn the prices for PC components here are sometimes reaaally high compared to the prices you can get from any store in the united states.

I bought the non-x edition because at the time the price difference was 20 dollars, and the only difference was a little bit higher clock speed, which wasn't that much in my opinion.
and also, because newegg only had this version available

This is the card I will be using for my first build ever, and I'm so happy I got this great value card for cheap, in my country, the price of this GPU is like 380USD.

Package- front

package- back

box inside the box

driver disc, user manual, and stickers


The Graphic card woooooo

it's beautiful !!

from the side- 3 DisplayPorts 1 HDMI (convers included)

The backplate (I tought it was gonna be a little heavier, but it's nice)


Nothing else

I'll be using this card with :

- NZXT s340 black-red. (75 usd)
- intel Corei i5 6500 (200 usd)
- Gigabyte b150-hd3 ddr4 (90 usd)
- Evga 600w (I know I could have used a 500w PSU, but it was the same price on amazon) (42 usd)
- 1 Kingston Ram ddr4 8gb (35 usd)

some of this prices may seem a little hight to you, but take into account that in my country this are the best deals I could get
Maybe I'll post more pictures when the build is completed.

At the moment, I am only waiting for the intel core i5 and the ram to arrive.
Maybe this friday I will build the PC, and i will test it with Rise of the Tomb Raider or Quantum Break.
If you have any reccomendation, I will appreciate it

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Thanks for your reading adn sorry for my bad english


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Apr 18, 2016
That thing's pretty big, especially for a graphics card. Hope it all goes well for your gaming days.