GTX970 Gaming 4G - yet another fan issue thread...


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Mar 29, 2015
Hi there...

This is another thread, about fan spinning issue..

Before vBIOS update, my problem was default - FAN's are starting full speed randomly on sytstem IDLE, so i UPDATED it with latest vBIOS from this thread:

Now, after this about week everything was OK, and few days ago magic started to happen....

While system is on idle, fans are working as intended (not spinning - all quiet and good, no random spinning problem).
As soon as i start some game, and GPU temp goes 50-60+, one of FAN's starts to spin at full speed (loud), but system monitoring tools shows 0% (0rpm) - in my case Aida64 / MSI AFterburner, and other FAN works as intended - increases it's RPM depending on temp's (can be seen in monitoring tools).

After i finish game, one of fans stops - monitoring tools shows rpm going down untill hits 0%(0rpm), but other is stuck at full speed (i can hear it very clearly). EVEN if i reboot my PC - FAN is stuck at full speed (maybe because i have configured Windows 8.1 feature with GOP UEFI (reboot time's are 2-3 seconds, maybe driver is not loading out fully)).

Fan stops ONLY if i fully shutodwn PC, and than turn it on again - but as soon as i launch some game (GPU temp goes 50-60+), problem is here again.

My system info:
MB: MSI Z97 Gaming 5
GPU: MSI GTX970 Gaming 4 (not ME100) (602-V316-03SB1409XXXXXX)
OS: Windows 10 X64 Pro
Nvidia drivers: 355.60
VGA Bios: Updated from this thread ( ), NV316MH_182 / 84.04.2F.00.F1 shows in GPU-Z / BIOS dump from GPU-Z in attachment.

What i allready did:

[list type=decimal]
[*]Removed all NVIDIA drivers
[*]Launched DDU from Safe Mode ( ), removed everything again using this tool, disabled windows update auto-driver update using this tool again (So only basic microsoft VGA driver is active after boot in normal mode).
[*]Updated vBIOS from this thread:
[*]Rebooted in normal mode.
[*]Installed latest NVIDIA drivers for Windows 10 X64
[*]Rebooted again.


So did EVERYTHING AGAIN (only this time swaped options 3 and 4 - After removing everything, booted in normal mode, verified that no NVIDIA drivers are auto-installed (only Basic microsoft VGA driver) and updated vBIOS).
No, no and no - PROBLEM IS NOT GONE!!
So basicly, everything is working without problems, while i don't play any game - funny, considering i recently upgraded motherboard and VGA from MSI especcially to play games =)


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Also may add one more thing:

When problem starts, FAN control in MSI Afterburner is not working!
I try to set manually 0%/0RPM, i try to set USER mode with GPU temps/speed graph - nothing, Afterburner shows it's on 0% allready - but FAN is SPINNING at full. Onyl full shutdown/power-on helps temporary.

I think you might have to RMA the card. vBIOS flash doesn't always fix the issue, as in fact the vBIOS provided in the link you found is intended to be used for randomly running fans.
Well, RMA is last option i would go... here RMA will be 2-4weeks, and sitting this time without VGA is no option for me...
About vBIOS - as i wrote in previous posts - i had random fan issue, that's why i updated it... new problems appeared after vBIOS update...

Have 1 thing in my mind... i have modular PSU, and i connected 8pin from 1 rail/port, and 6pin from another rail/port (on 1 port/rail i have 8pin+6pin)...
Can 2 rails/ports on 1 VGA be issue for this?

No, PSU cannot be the issue unless it's something of very low quality. Please see >>Posting Guide<<

Also I am considering the fact you are using Win10, which might be screwing things up.. Are you able to test with Win 8.1 or Win7?
i did not mean PSU is an issue, but how VGA is connected (8-pin and 6-pin are on different rails).. ok, seems it's not a problem then.
will connect my old ssd today-tommorow and install Windows 8.1, then i will report my results.
Whichever way you would connect the GPU to PSU, it would be OK (unless you use included adapters like molex to 6 pin or so).
Waiting for info ;)
cah4e3.86 date=1439876046 said:
 As soon as i start some game, and GPU temp goes 50-60+, one of FAN's starts to spin at full speed (loud), but system monitoring tools shows 0% (0rpm)  

The card is bad... It has been described in the initial post of the thread you have the vbios from...

If one fan runs at full speed all the time the other one is bad.
So, before attaching old SSD for Windows 8.1 install, i opened case and looked closely at VGA fans.
When problem occurs, black fan (further one from dvi/hdmi ports) is spinning at full speed, and red one (closer to dvi/hdmi ports) is not spinning at all!
So i gentely pushed fan blade forward - and it started to spin + black fan (the one that was at full speed) slowed down!

Now i installed Windows 8.1 - and miracle, problem is gone!
Will use Windows 8.1 for a while and see if problem comes back.

The card is bad... It has been described in the initial post of the thread you have the vbios from...
If one fan runs at full speed all the time the other one is bad.

I hope that it's not true... and it is windows 10 + nvidia drivers issue... don't wan't to use PC without VGA for 2-4 weeks while VGA is on RMA )
Well.. problem is back after some time....
have to push fan blade for a little for everything to normalize....
Seems i'll have to RMA the card after all.. fkn nice, 1 month on Intel HD4400..

THIS(Found dozens of videos from other users), EXACTLY SAME PROBLEM  :(
flobelix date=1440089874 said:
Yes, like said before...
Nichrome date=1439985324 said:
Yep then card is bad.

Hold your horses with these statements! =)

Some funny things are happening!
I allready prepared PC (fresh install of Windows 8.1) for for work on Intel 4400HD (4790k) while card is on RMA, but in last moment decided to wait a little bit with RMA...
Now, almost whole week on Windows 8.1 with "Faulty VGA" - and not a single issue, FAN's are working perfectly.

on Windows 10 - 1 fan dead (need manual push)
after i tried windows 8.1 - was ok for 1 day, but same problem appeared after.
now when i decided to take VGA to RMA, and made a fresh install of Windows 8.1 (AGAIN) - problem is gone..

Either problem is really in Windows 10 (but why than on Windows 8.1 problem appeared after 1 day?), or maybe in some version of NVIDIA drivers (that could explain problem on Windows 8.1 - but i'm using same drivers now!), or maybe FAN's just needed some time to "cure" themself(like some dust/glue - near/on/in bearing balls), and all these dances with windows/drivers/PSU rails/BIOS were useless waste of time?

I don't know... won't risk installing Windows 10 for a while, and will wait few more weeks on Windows 8.1. If problem won't reappear - will give it another try to Windows 10. (will report back - if some is interested in results of this story =) ).