GX620 wireless card


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Jun 14, 2009
I recently bought a gx620 laptop, and the wireless card for this thing is seriously horrible! I can only connect when i'm just feet from the wireless router, and on many networks i can't connect at all. (I have another laptop with an external wireless adapter that works fine, and my friend who also bought the GX620 has the same problem)

I'm aware that there is (was?) a problem with the BIOS, but my laptop is working great other than the wireless part.

Does anyone know whhy this is happening? I figure its just the quality of the card, and it can be solved by buying a new, external one, but i figured i'd ask here before shelling out the money.
eh, nevermind, i did some more digging and found out that this wireless card really does have issues. The 5100 AGN wireless adapter, it seems, is the cause of alot of problems for alot of people. Two people that called customer support were told that the wireless adapter had issues.

oh well, no easy fix :S
Check this Intel's knowledge based article

Also, check the updated drivers for Intel's WLAN adapters, go for the version with WiFi connection utility, use it for creating profiles for your networks.
I have a GX620-213CA and mine works perfectly. I can be anywhere in my house and it works flawlessly. Works at my school too with alot of concrete walls.