H61M-P20 (G3)(MS-7788) BCLK at 99.76 instead of 100.


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Feb 11, 2022
As stated in the title my motherboard which i've only just noticed is running at 99.76 instead of the advertised rating on MSI's website 100 resulting in my CPU instead of being at 3.9ghz it's running at 3.7ghz, i've read about spread spectrum being the cause again in the manual for this motherboard the setting for spread spectrum is there but doesn't exist in the bios even though i recall seeing it there before, im running on the latest possible BIOS for this older motherboard, i'd like to get that extra bit of performance out my CPU it being an older generation i don't really wanna buy an older motherboard just to change a setting that should be here to begin with, my PC Refuses to go past x37 when the bios lets me select x39, any sort of help would be much appricated, the CPU is an i7 3770, i understand that intel turbo boost has 1 core x39 and 2 core x38 3-4core x37 but that still doesn't explain the BCLK at 99.76 instead of 100 but i've never once seen my CPU go past 37 even under single core load it stays at 37.


Apr 2, 2022
it's pretty much normal for bclk at 99 something, due to clock drift on the crystal oscillator. i7 3770 all core boost is 3.7ghz, while single is 3.9ghz.


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Jan 25, 2007
Obviously a difference of less than 0.24 Mhz bclk can't cause a 200mhz cpu clockrate difference. The bulk is completely normal. 100mhz exactly is pretty much impossible.